10 best Spanish movies to stream on Netflix


If you’re looking for international movies to watch, Netflix’s foreign movie library includes a ton of Spanish gems. We’ve narrowed down this collection to the 10 Best Spanish Movies You Should Watch.

From dark fairy tales to musicals, this list has something for everyone. Fancy a real detective documentary or a thrilling revenge thriller? We have what you need. Here are the 10 best Spanish movies streaming on Netflix.

1. Rome

Credit: Alfonso Cuarón

First foreign language film to win the Oscar for best director, that of Alfonso Cuarón Rome, welcomes viewers at the intersection of personal reflection and cinematic excellence. The black and white film follows housekeeper Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), an indigenous woman who works for a wealthy family in Mexico City, finding a sense of humanity that is one of a kind. – Alison Foreman, entertainment reporter

How to watch: Rome

is now streaming on Netflix. 2.

Pan’s Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno) A film that does a terrific job of seamlessly weaving genres, Guillermo del Toro’s film Pan’s Labyrinth is surely among the greatest films of the 2000s. Set in 1944 in a Spain torn by civil war, the film tells the story of a 12 year old girl, Ofelia (Ivana Baquero), who disappears in a fantastic kingdom for escape the very real violence that rages around her. There are images and moments in this film that will stay with you for a long time: the sinister figure of the faun, the creeping terror of the pale man, and the nightmarish reality of Ofelia’s stepfather, Capitán Vidal (Sergi López), whose the brutality reigning over his men and his household makes him a truly baffling antagonist. – Sam Haysom, UK Deputy Editor

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Pan’s Labyrinthis now streaming on Netflix.

3 . The silence of others (El silencio de otros) The silence of others

is a powerful documentary about the survivors of the 40-year dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. Unable to seek justice in Spain because of its 1977 amnesty law, the survivors organize a trial in Argentina to investigate crimes against humanity committed during the Franco regime. With vivid imagery and compelling interviews with subjects who made this trial the work of their lives, directors Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar take a close look at how choosing to forget history does far more harm than harm. face it head-on. – Belen Edwards, Entertainment Researcher How to watch:

The silence of others is now streaming on Netflix.


I’m not here anymore (Ya no estoy aquí)

Maskable image Credit: netflix Round trips between Monterrey, Mexico and New York, I am no longer there

tells the story of Ulises (Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño), a 17-year-old obsessed with cumbia music and dance. After a misunderstanding with a Monterrey cartel turns violent, Ulises is forced to leave his friends behind and travel to New York. Director Fernando Frías de la Parra weaves past and present to create a stark contrast between Ulises’ community of friends in Monterrey and his sense of isolation in New York. Beautiful visuals and rich musicality reinforce this poignant coming-of-age film. – TO BE How to watch:

I am no longer there is now streaming on Netflix.

5. The three deaths of Marisela Escobedo (Las tres muertes by Marisela Escobedo) The three deaths of Marisela Escobedo documents activist Marisela Escobedo’s quest to bring her daughter’s killer to justice. From the death of her daughter Rubí in 2008 to her own assassination in 2010, Escobedo has regularly staged protests and sit-ins in Ciudad Juárez and the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The three deaths of Marisela Escobedo

is a brutal but captivating watch: it traces layer after layer the tragic history of the Escobedo family, revealing not only their pain but also the prevalence of violence against women in the region. – TO BE How to watch:

The three deaths of Marisela Escobedo is now streaming on Netflix.


Sacred camp! (La llamada) Credit: Film factory You’d think a movie opening with God chanting “I’ll Always Love You” on a glittering staircase leading to Heaven would be a waste, but Sacred camp! proves that this assumption is false. This sweet musical takes place in a Christian summer camp, where María (Macarena García) began to have visions of God. (Spoiler alert: God seems to really love Whitney Houston.) The visions of María shock her best friend Susana (Anna Castillo) and two of the nuns in charge of the camp, reinforcing beliefs and raising doubts. Sacred camp!

earns significant points for his sincerity as he uses music and comedy to address what faith means to different people. – TO BE How to watch:

Sacred camp! is now streaming on Netflix.

7. Quién te cantara Pop star Lila Cassen (Najwa Nimri) recovers from a near-death experience and finds out that she has amnesia: she no longer remembers who she is, let alone how she behaves. In order to help Lila rediscover herself, her assistant calls on Violeta (Eva Llorach), a karaoke singer who perfectly embodies Lila. What follows is a dreamlike psychological thriller, with director Carlos Vermut examining how fame, fandom, and identity intersect. Quién te cantara

is immensely fascinating, a winding road from a film with magnificent images and solid leading performances. – TO BE How to watch:

Quién te cantará is now streaming on Netflix.


The platform (El hoyo)

Maskable image Credit: netflixImagine: prison cells stacked on top of each other, with holes in the floor and ceiling. Randomly assigned levels that change every month. And a platform of food slowly lowering from the top, becoming more and more sparse with each floor that it descends. This is the concept at the center of the film by Spanish director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia The platform , a disturbing sci-fi thriller that clearly wears its capitalist analogy on its jail-dress sleeve. It is one of those rare gems where the execution is as strong as the idea at the base, carried by an excellent script by David Desola and Pedro Rivero which is dripping with horror and suspense. If you are a fan of movies like The cubeWhere Seen , it is worth checking out. –


How to watch: The platform

is now streaming on Netflix. 9. The fury of a patient man (Tarde para la ira) The lives of a jailed runaway driver, his wife, and a mild-mannered stranger intersect with explosive results in this intense revenge thriller. The fury of a patient man begins with a heart-wrenching flight streak, then advances eight years into what appears to be a very different movie. While Curro (Luis Callejo) has been in prison for eight years, his wife Ana (Ruth Díaz) has started an affair with José (Antonio de la Torre), a regular customer of his cafe. However, José is not what it seems. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and José’s intentions become clear,

The fury of a patient man rushes to a stunning and brutal conclusion. – TO BE

How to watch: The fury of a patient man

is now streaming on Netflix. ten. 100 meters (100 meters) When Ramón (Dani Rovira) is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he is told that in a year he will be unable to walk 100 meters. However, with the support of his wife Inma (Alexandra Jiménez) and his cantankerous stepfather Manolo (Karra Elejalde), he trains for an Ironman Triathlon. Based on a true story,

100 meters is a touching and inspiring film that will thrill you. You will cheer on Ramón and his family as they come together and help each other succeed. – TO BE

How to watch:

100 Meters is now streaming on Netflix. * This show has also appeared on a previous Mashable list.


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