10 joke weapons that make things much harder


Earlier this year, Ring of Elden came out, which was the latest game from FromSoftware, a developer known for its dark souls series of action-adventure games. These games had a brutal difficulty and style all their own, which led to the coining of the term “Soulsborne” to describe them. FromSoftware itself has created seven titles that can be categorized this way, all of which are notorious for being difficult to complete.

However, some fans feel that their difficulty is not enough and want an even greater challenge from these games. Still, the games contain a lot of weird, funny, impractical, or just plain weird weapons that can make the game more difficult. For players looking for a real challenge, using these weapons is a great way to increase the difficulty.


ten Four-Tine Plow (Dark Souls III)

dark souls presents many everyday objects used as weapons. These include items one would expect to find in a generic medieval fantasy setting, such as the four-tine plow, which in dark souls 3is actually a very good weapon.

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It’s not without its flaws, as its Charge weapon art causes the player to fall prone. Although it looks like a simple farming tool, it can be infused to increase its attack rate at high levels, making it a powerful tool for high damage. It’s more of a joke weapon in its hilarious strength, but it still takes time to get there.

9 Emissary Horn (Elden Ring)

Ring of Elden has tons of great weapons. He also has some really silly weapons, like the Envoy’s Horn line. The horn, alongside fellow Envoy’s Long Horn and Envoy’s Greathorn, is listed as a hammer-type weapon, but its real utility is as a bubble blower.

The First Horn can only handle one bubble at a time, but the Long Horn has the devastating Bubble Shower technique. These bubbles are actually quite useful in combat, but that’s pretty silly. If a player doesn’t switch to the loudest horn, they could definitely struggle with the default one.

8 Wooden Shield (Bloodborne)

It might seem strange to include the wooden shield in a discussion of Soulsborne weapons, but transmitted by blood doesn’t actually use shields like other Soulsborne games. As such, this shield is actually equipped as a weapon.

The Wooden Shield mainly exists to make fun of the lack of shields in transmitted by blood. There are only two shields in the entire game, with the second, the Loch Shield, being added as DLC. The first shield is definitely more of a useless joke weapon, though. It can only be used as a club, which makes the game much more difficult.

seven Needle of Eternal Agony (Demon’s Souls)

With a name like the Needle of Eternal Agony, players would expect this The souls of demons an incredibly powerful weapon. This weapon is actually one of the weakest in the game, as it has a short range and does little damage. It does, however, have an advantage.

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The Needle’s ability allows it to absorb enemy souls with each successful hit, which can be useful when trying to grind up souls after death. There are faster ways to do it though, and there’s still pitiful damage. As a result, this weapon is basically laughable to all but the most avid challenge runner.

6 Tonsil Arm (Bloodborne)

Amygdalan Arm is a weapon with a lot of weight. It takes forever to swing it in any meaningful way. This nifty weapon can be found in transmitted by bloodit is old hunters DLC, and it can only be found after a gauntlet of tough enemies, making it a liability to obtain.

It does have some virtues though, as it swings low to the ground, which can be used to easily hit smaller enemies like spiders. It is also a one-handed weapon and can transform into a scythe. While all of these perks are impressive, it pales in comparison to other nifty weapons in the game.

5 Whip (Dark Souls)

dark souls has a lot of powerful weapons, but the whip isn’t really one of them. Unlike other dark fantasy video games like Castlevaniathe whip in Dark Souls 1 is not really intended for combat. Ring of Elden has mighty whips, but Dark Souls 1 is far from it. Instead, this whip is primarily useful for grabbing objects.

There are three whips in the original game, which are a default whip, the Notched Whip, and the Guardian Tail. They’re all pretty mediocre, but the original whip is particularly mundane, having no extra abilities. Considering whips also block player abilities, this is definitely the most ridiculous of the three.

4 Staff of Olenford (Dark Souls II)

Olenford’s Staff Dark Souls II is a misfire unlike most. It’s simply a weapon that’s hilariously underpowered. The description of the staff describes how the wizard Olenford used it for unprecedented magic. For the player, however, the weapon is anything but unprecedented.

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Olenford’s staff is essentially just a weaker version of the Witchtree branch. This weapon can be acquired in many places and is not even unique. Despite this, the staff at Olenford actually have higher demands than the branch, and this useless weapon sounds like a joke from the devs.

3 Manure Pie (Dark Souls)

Technically, the Dung Pie is not classified as a weapon, but as a projectile. Colloquially, however, it’s definitely a weapon, and it’s one of the most laughable items in the series. Dung Pies appear in the original three series as items that can be thrown to poison enemies, but they aren’t that powerful.

When used, Dung Pies inflict Toxic status on the enemy, but also on the player. This makes their use a dangerous double-edged sword. Although difficult, it is possible to beat the game using Dung Pies almost exclusively. It’s a stinking weapon that can’t be taken seriously in and out of games.

2 Handmaid’s Ladle (Dark Souls II)

The maid’s ladle is a common item that one would expect to see in a fantasy setting, as is the four-plow plow. Unlike the Plow, it’s pretty unsalvageable and a classic miss weapon.

It deals the lowest base damage in the game, breaks in ten hits, and has no scaling. It also has all the range a player would expect from a wooden spoon. It has some virtues, like its low stamina cost to use, but to use it properly the player will need to level its incredibly high stats and upgrade dipper, giving it a hard to clear bar to make it useful in this Soulsborne game .

1 Broken Sword / Broken Straight Sword (Demon’s Souls / Dark Souls)

Each of the four original Soulsborne games begins the player with a broken sword. Demon’s Souls goes with Broken Sword, while the dark souls series has the broken straight sword. It’s a great feeling to start with a useless weapon and gradually progress to a more powerful weapon. But it is possible for a player to keep this sword.

These broken weapons are absolute jokes, with horrendous stats. While the straight sword can be used to craft more powerful weapons, it’s essentially garbage on its own. This made Challenge Races with only starting gear one of the most popular in the series. It’s a joke players play on themselves, but it’s still great for giving them the challenge they crave.

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