$ 30 million US Army command center in defense bill as military steps up presence in Poland



The V Corps Forward marks its arrival in Poznan, Poland with a ceremony on July 15, 2021. Plans are underway for the construction of a new $ 30 million US Army Command Center as well as a $ 7 million information systems installation in Poznan. (DeLancie Horton / US Army)

STUTTGART, Germany – A $ 30 million U.S. Army command and control headquarters in Poland is among the projects proposed to support military expansion in the country, which has become a focal point for coordinated efforts allied defense along NATO’s eastern flank.

The House version of the National Defense Authorization Act, passed by Congress last week, states that a defense cooperation pact between Washington and Warsaw means the Pentagon can accept “in-kind contributions” from Poland to develop the $ 30 million command center as well as a $ 7 million information systems installation.

The projects will be developed in the Polish city of Poznan, the forward headquarters of the recently re-established V Corps, NDAA said. The proposed projects have yet to be approved by the Senate.

“The enhanced defense cooperation agreement between the United States and Poland signed in 2020 provides for a mechanism for sharing logistics and infrastructure costs for American forces present in Poland,” said Lt. Col. Anton T. Semelroth, spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, in a statement. “The proposed projects… are in accordance with this agreement. “

The arrival of the V Corps is the latest in a series of efforts to expand operations in Poland, which is also home to a U.S. Army Rotating Armored Brigade and a multinational NATO battle group led by the states- United and focused on security along the Polish border with the Russian military enclave of Kaliningrad.

In 2020, the United States and Poland ratified an agreement that paved the way for more troop rotations and called on Poland to provide infrastructure to support incoming personnel.

The army is also preparing for an influx of combat materiel to be stockpiled in the country. The U.S. Army for Europe and Africa said Thursday it expects work on a long-overdue $ 360 million warehouse project, much of which is funded by NATO, be completed by 2022. The site, located in Powidz, will be fully operational by 2024.

When completed, around 85 tanks, 190 armored fighting vehicles, 35 artillery pieces and 4 armored vehicle launch decks will be housed in Powidz, the military said.

In recent years, the military has set up such pre-positioned weapons sites across Europe so that troops arriving from the United States have quick access to equipment should they be mobilized in a crisis. .

The V Corps was activated in February 2020 to eventually take over command oversight of the army’s top-to-bottom operations of NATO’s eastern flank, where the allies have stepped up military activities amid concerns over a possible Russian aggression. The headquarters, which was inactive in 2013 as part of a long post-Cold War withdrawal from Europe, is expected to become fully operational within a few weeks.

With a main headquarters at Fort Knox, Ky., The V Corps has approximately 200 troops rotating to Poznan to support operations.

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