5 Popular Lightsaber Weapons in Starwars


Lightsabers can only be used to protect against small blaster shots. Weapons and explosive forces make the life of a lightsaber user very difficult. Lightsaber Weapon in Starwars are not the only exception and they cannot be stopped or deflected from melee range. Check 5 popular lightsaber weapons in Starwars.

The lightsaber weapon in Starwars can quickly use any Jedi who also relies on their blocking abilities. It looks like Lightsaber Weapon in Starwars needs some tweaking as they have more range. There are currently more powerful and modern lightsaber weapons in Starwars.

5 Popular Lightsaber Weapons in Starwars

5. Star Wars Lightsabers

A major and iconic aspect that is part of Star Wars. These are the mysterious laser swords, also known as lightsabers. Lightsabers are lightweight, capable of cutting through anything, as well as deflecting blaster bolts. These weapons can be the favorite weapon of Jedi as well as Sith.

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Did you know that weapons come in a variety of styles? Not only different colors, but also different sizes, lengths, angles and much more. Here are the different types of lightsabers available in Star Wars! It’s reasonable to believe that perhaps with better hands, these weapons are more effective than lightsabers.

4. Ball Launchers

The rationale for why lightsabers are so powerful against most warriors. It’s that blasters are the most ubiquitous weapons in Star Wars. Lightsaber blades negate the range of action of the blaster as they are also lasers. What would happen if the projectiles were solid and not light?

5 Popular Lightsaber Weapons in Starwars
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Obi-Wan found out how deadly they are than blaster fire in a Star Wars comic. The weapon type is a bullet launcher that fires kinetic metal projectiles, much like modern firearms. Although a Jedi can block the projectile using the lightsaber. Some of the shrapnel from the projectile will pass through and cannot be deflected due to its weight.

3. Electropersonal

Of course, it wasn’t just the Mandalorians who were smart enough to set it up. The anti-Jedi technologies they themselves had developed. The Separatists also had weapons that could withstand lightsabers. General Grievous Retiree, for example, was equipped with Magnaguards equipped with electric batons.

5 Popular Lightsaber Weapons in Starwars
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They aren’t very effective as they are droids, but electrostaves can be used to take out the Jedi user. Other variations include batons as well as other forms of electric weapons. Darth Vader himself managed to defeat the Jedi using an electronic weapon.

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2. Mounted Blasters

One of the advantages of lightsabers is their effectiveness against blaster fire. It’s not true that all forms of blaster fire have the same quality. Some types are more powerful and more explosive than others, such as cannons or mounted weapons.

5 Popular Lightsaber Weapons in Starwars
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Starship blasters, for example, might be too heavy even for Jedi. To be managed because some of the projectiles will probably be bigger than these. Blasters that clone troopers or cannons could be used against regular Jedi. Jedi.

1. Whistling birds

5 Popular Lightsaber Weapons in Starwars
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Like Bullet Launchers, Whistling Birds fire solid projectiles at a target, and they can’t be stopped. Another reason is that lightsabers can’t compete with these.

Lightsaber physics work on the set of Star Wars or the Whistling Birds. But given the number of lightsabers fired at once, there’s no way one Jedi could stop them all. The problem is that the ammunition used for this is precious.


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