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Biden expected to announce plans to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt

President Joe Biden is expected to announce on Wednesday that he will forgive $10,000 in student loan debt for millions of borrowers who fall below an income cap, according to people familiar with the plan. The cancellation would be limited to borrowers with household incomes of $125,000 or less and would only apply to people with federal loans, not private loans. The action is also expected to include extending until January a moratorium on federal student loan payments — implemented during the coronavirus pandemic — which is set to expire at the end of this month. The White House would not confirm the upcoming announcement, first reported by The Associated Press. The president said he would make a decision by August 31. Biden is facing growing pressure from progressive Democrats to write off even more of the debt of Americans who have taken out federal loans to pay for their education. But some Democratic economists are worried about the risk of debt cancellation exacerbating inflation at its highest in 40 years.

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Uvalde School Board Considering Fire of Arredondo School District Police Chief

The Uvalde School Board called a special meeting Wednesday to consider firing School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo for his role in the flawed response to the shooting massacre that killed 19 students and two teachers at the elementary school. Robb in May. A special Texas House committee investigating the shooting determined that the embattled school district’s police chief did not act quickly enough to shoot and kill the shooter. The report, released in July, also determined that Arredondo served as incident commander at the scene and was responsible for directing law enforcement. Parents and community members called for Arredondo’s dismissal along with the five other district officers who responded to the shooting.

Ukraine celebrates Independence Day, six months after the start of the war with Russia

Residents of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, woke up to the sirens of air raids on Wednesday as the nation marked its Independence Day, six months after the start of the Russian invasion that the whole world appears to be losing. Authorities in Kyiv have banned large-scale gatherings until Thursday, fearing the national holiday could bring particularly heavy Russian missile attacks. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the public to be vigilant. “Russian provocations and brutal strikes are a possibility,” he said in a statement. Wednesday’s holiday commemorates Ukraine’s 1991 declaration of independence from the Soviet Union. The US State Department issued an alert on Tuesday urging Americans to “leave Ukraine now”, citing concerns about possible Russian attacks. As Ukraine celebrates its holiday, the Biden administration is expected to announce approximately $3 billion in additional aid on Wednesday to train and equip Ukrainian forces to fight for years to come, U.S. officials said. at the Associated Press.

Final arguments in Vanessa Bryant’s civil lawsuit against LA County continue

Closing arguments resume on Wednesday in the civil lawsuit of Vanessa Bryant, the widow of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, against Los Angeles County in California after learning that deputies and firefighters shared photos of her body. husband and 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, after they died in a helicopter crash. Seven others were killed on January 26, 2020, accident. Tuesday marked what would have been Kobe Bryant’s 44th birthday and the first time a lawyer has put a dollar amount on what he wants the jury to award Vanessa Bryant and co-plaintiff Chris Chester: 75 millions of dollars for past and future distress. The jury will be tasked with making a series of decisions on the case: First, whether these county first responders violated Bryant and Chester’s constitutional rights under the Fourteenth Amendment by publicly releasing photos of the crash scene ? If so, is the county responsible as an organization? Moreover, if so, how much should the jury award them in return for their past and future emotional distress?

Teen pilot set to become youngest person to fly around the world solo

A Belgian-British teenager could become the youngest person to fly around the world solo in a small plane on Wednesday. Mack Rutherford, who turned 17 during the trip, landed near the city of Charleroi, Belgium, on Tuesday, where he originally learned to fly. He is due to land in Bulgaria on Wednesday. His quest, which began on March 23, has taken him through 52 countries on five continents, crossing the equator twice to comply with Guinness World Records requirements. Rutherford is hoping to replace Britain’s Travis Ludlow, who was 18 when he set the record in 2021.

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