8 best secret weapons in horror games


When it comes to horror games, replayability can be a big concern for developers. How can we expect gamers to feel the need to keep playing after the scares and ghosts have worn off? After all, no enemy jumpscare or swarm can be as shocking or impactful as Part 1.

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In order to remedy this, horror games are often notorious for hiding fun secrets, Easter eggs, and weapons for players to hunt down after their first game. Some of these secrets allow players to uncover hidden lore and others are a way to make them feel drunk with power for a new less tense game and a new experience. Here are some of the best hidden (i.e. ratable) weapons that can be unlocked in horror games.

8 Doom Eternal: The Unmaykr

The Unmaykr is an alien super-weapon found in Eternal destiny. Make his first appearance in misfortune 64 (then spelled “Unmaker”), the powerful automatic pistol, the Unmaykr, is only unlocked after hard work. To access the Unmaykr, the player must first acquire the six Empyrean Keys from each Slayer Gate in the game.

These Slayer Gates tend to be pretty picky and aren’t mandatory areas to clean, so they can be a big risk to take. However, the satisfaction of the Unmaykr’s firepower is enough to entice any player to try out a Slayer Gate at least once.

7 Suffering: Gonzo Gun

The suffering Gonzo gun

A horror game from 2004, Suffering was not only aimed at instilling fear with grotesque imagery in the form of menacing enemies, but also through its dark history. Suffering has an incredibly dark plot that deals with trauma, incarceration, and other heavy topics. So it’s a bit of a surprise that the developers decide to add something as absurd as the Gonzo Gun.

The infamous Gonzo Gun is a special weapon that unlocks much later in the game (or via cheats in Suffering: the links that unite) which is literally a simple chicken. The absurdity of that deadly chicken gun doesn’t end there; Not only does the gun itself look like a chicken, it’s also complete with themed egg ammo.

6 Dead Island: breathtaking military knife

Stunning Dead Island Knife

After finding the purple skull in Dead island and by placing it in its designated location, players can unlock the “Developer’s No. 4 Craft” which then unlocks blueprints to craft the elusive, mind-blowing military knife. The special thing about this secret weapon is that it has (as the name suggests) the unique ability to explode the heads of zombies on impact.

In any zombie game, it’s only natural to give players a hidden weapon that can perform faster races and effortlessly kill in one hit. While this weapon will only work on certain enemies, it’s definitely a fun reward for all the hard work it takes to unlock it.

5 Call Of Duty Zombies: Marvelous Weapons

Call Of Duty Zombies Wonder Weapons

Although the universe of Call of Duty Rather, games have been limited to generally realistic means of warfare, all of these types of restrictions are thrown out the window for fan favorite “Zombies Mode”. the Call of Duty “Zombies Mode” features tons of wacky weapons that don’t show up in normal play.

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“Zombies Mode” offers not just one but a plethora of special weapons, called Wonder Weapons. Some of the most notable Wonder Weapons include the mighty Ray Gun, the Matryoshka Exploding Dolls, and the One Shot Golden Spork.

4 Dead Space 2: Hand Cannon

Dead Space 2 Head Cannon

Only the most dedicated fans know the wonderful feeling of blowing up hordes of necromorphs with the mighty hand cannon in Dead space 2. The foam finger weapon is only unlocked after completing the game in Hard Core mode where only three saves are allowed for the entire game.

This hilarious weapon requires no ammunition and does not need to be reloaded. Not only is the Hand Cannon ridiculously powerful, but Isaac himself can’t seem to contain his excitement when using the weapon as he shouts “bang” or “pew pew” when firing the “gun”. . There couldn’t be a more embarrassing way for a necromorph to die!

3 Friday the 13th: Tommy Jarvis

Friday the 13th Tommy Jarvis Game

Although Tommy Jarvis himself is not technically a weapon, he does count as a bonus character in Friday 13 and comes with a handful of advantages over normal camp monitors. While most advisers will choose to try to hide until the time runs out or to collect coins so that a vehicle can get to safety in order to achieve victory, another alternative involves the one of the famous protagonists of the film, Tommy Jarvis.

Not only does Tommy come with perfect stats on his character (i.e. luck, poise, strength), but he also arrives at the scene with a shotgun, medical spray, and even a pocket to help escape Jason’s clutches. Even though Tommy fails to kill Jason, he definitely has enough firepower to help other advisers escape in his mount.

2 Resident Evil 7: Albert -01

Resident Evil 7 Albert-01 pistol

In the final fight of Resident Evil 7, An injured Ethan Winters is rescued by Chris Redfield and eliminates once and for all a mutated Eveline using a special pistol; the Albert-01. Named after the long run resident Evil villain, Albert Wesker, the Albert-01 pistol can only be unlocked at the end of the game, after defeating the final boss.

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However, in a more new game record, the Albert-01 is making a comeback as the Albert-01R. While the pistol in the new game mode plus is just a replica of the pistol that takes out Eveline, it still packs a lot of oomph and is a great weapon to keep for tougher difficulties.

1 Silent Hill 3: Heather / Sexy Beam

Silent Hill Heather Transformation Costume 3

After completing multiple games and defeating a number of enemies, the player can then use an unlockable secret weapon called Heather Beam. However, as strange as a supernatural ray Heather shoots from her head, there is something even more absurd.

In the incredibly dark and horrible world of Silent Hill 3 There is an irrelevant unlockable costume called the Transformation Costume. After unlocking this adorable “magical girl” outfit for Heather, an even more ridiculous weapon can be used called Sexy Beam.

A more powerful version of the Heather Beam, the Sexy Beam is not a physical weapon that the protagonist is equipped with, but rather a powerful move. Between the Sexy Beam and the infamous “Dog ending” in Silent Hill 2, it’s clear that the developers at Konami know how to add some comedic relief to their terrifying backgrounds.

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