All weapons in the new world need changes


One of the most interesting aspects of Amazon Game Studios New world is that it’s an MMO that inherently wants its players to play the game the way they want, offering all kinds of ways to level up and approach the content. This shows when some players prefer to find creative ways to reach level 60, like never killing anything for the entire game or jumping off a cliff to kill a turkey in a dramatic way, only to get that missing experience point for take it to the next level. Of course, another big part of the experience is fighting enemies in both PvE and PvP, taking on the toughest expeditions and dungeons the game has to offer, or participating in Faction Wars and Outpost. Rush.

As such, an important aspect of this comes from the selection of weapons that each player can craft, which involves using a combination of two from a selection of eleven in total. This is what constitutes the classless system in New world, as choice isn’t something players do at the very beginning, but rather they can switch between any weapon at will until they find the perfect combination that suits them. While there are plenty of options for builds, with even the option of going for hybrid builds that favor combos like Great Ax and Life Staff, all New world weapons could use some changes to some extent to promote more diversity, ranging from less powerful to more powerful.

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New World Dexterity Weapons Need Buffs

Rapier Vega New World Bridge

At present, the weapons considered to be the worst New world are all those based on Dexterity, ie Lance, Rapier, Bow and Musket. This is because they generally tend to lack damage, crowd control abilities, versatility, or range abilities to make up for the intense damage done by tough fighters in PvE or other players in PvP. Generally speaking, these weapons tend to focus on a mix of skirmish playstyle and minor debuffs to deal most damage with spins that shorten cooldowns or damage over time.

The Musket tends to suffer the most in all scenarios as it requires constant reloads and aims headshots to maximize damage, and its skills lack variety and effectiveness. The same applies to the bow, but drawing arrows is less of a problem than reloading the musket with bullets, and the bow has stronger skills that help its intended playstyle shine more. Rapier is meant to be played with attack combos that apply bleeds to enemies and then consume them for big hits or while playing with dodges and counter attacks, which sometimes feels like a sword build and less effective shield.

The spear is the last dexterity weapon to cover, and it’s very good at applying crowd control to enemies, but they’re effective against a single foe, and the DPS with the spear is still not up to the guns. like the ax or the great ax. Overall, none of the Dexterity Weapons excel at anything in particular, and they are widely viewed as mediocre options in most activities. Another big issue with dexterity weapons is that they favor a more mobility-centric playstyle, and they would certainly benefit the most from the 20% damage buff that results from wearing light armor, but New world can be a punishment for those who don’t use heavy armor instead.

This means that this category is the one that needs the most changes of all the others, possibly improving the damage increase of light and medium armor. It doesn’t mean that New worldOther weapons should be nerfed, however, but rather that non-force weapons should be put on par with them for utility and DPS.

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New World Problems with Magic Weapons and Hybrid Constructs

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Unfortunately, some weapons in New world are affected by issues that prevent them from dealing damage to enemies under certain conditions, and the most notable examples come from the Ice Gauntlet and the Fire Staff. These weapons have AoE skills that are launched by players at a particular location of their choosing and then deal damage instantly or over time in the area. When enemies lie down and are not engaged in combat, and also during certain scenarios where spells would be cast on the ground, these enemies take no damage.

This is considered one of the New world, and these two magical weapons are considered very powerful in theory, but less so in practice. At least until the bugs affecting them are fixed. However, they make great weapons to use in combination with others that reduce the damage of the character’s intelligence, like the rapier, making the ice gauntlet and rapier a popular combination for damage and control. crowds at the same time.

Nonetheless, the hybrid versions are also a great solution for gamers, and they can open up different combinations of weapons that could work very well with each other. These are often among the constructions that shine the most when New world players get their gear score to 600 or as close as possible, and of course, they benefit from the attribute points available at level 60. A popular example comes from the Life Staff, which is normally the only weapon that is available. adapts to concentration. , but with amber gems inserted into any other weapon, it is possible to evolve them with focus and deal a percentage of their base damage as nature damage.

However, Hybrid Builds are often outclassed by Force Builds due to the damage these weapons inflict when scaled with their natural attribute. This is why choices like the ax or the big ax are so popular and widely used, and these two strength weapons can also provide a form of self-healing that others cannot. That’s why having each weapon apply a tiny bit of healing to the player would be beneficial, moving forward.

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New World Passive Trees Could Use More Variety

Mastery of New World Weapons

Speaking of force-based weapons, a notable one is the Warhammer. This massive blunt weapon allows for excellent attacks and some of the best crowd control abilities in the game, thanks to stuns, shifts, and AoE flattening attacks. All of this makes the Warhammer a great choice for the primary damage weapon or a support weapon that can help take care of enemies and prevent them from having too many windows of opportunity to damage players. The Warhammer also has the benefit of featuring more passive nodes than average on its ability trees, which helps create more variety and customization than weapons like the Rapier.

This is another important point – passive trees and what they offer. The path New world The ability feature makes each passive choice count a lot, from unlocking the top three skills players will use to selecting passive nodes that work great with the concept of building as a whole. So each tree should include more passive options to improve the experience and make each choice more interesting, as it can sometimes be difficult to choose something that is really useful for the building. When passive nodes are used to move further up the tree, players may have to grab an option out of two not so interesting or be forced to pick up a node that doesn’t serve them well.

While all weapons have two trees with some sort of cornerstone that can only be taken after spending 10 points in that tree, another issue is that some weapons have a cornerstone that acts as the final benefit of a specific skill. This is a problem because while the Cornerstone is still very desirable, it forces players to use this skill as well, even if they don’t like it as much as others. An example comes from New world‘s Ice Gauntlet and its right hand tree called Builder. The Cornerstone is very powerful for Ice Pylon and acts as a buff to the skill itself, but it focuses the entire tree on one skill – an issue that also affects the Rapier, Life Staff, and Hammer. of war.

And some Cornerstones are clearly more powerful than others, like Hatchet’s Defy Death, which essentially prevents players from dying when it triggers without a cooldown. Others, like the Bow’s Knee Shot, are still decent, but more situational – as they serve a specific purpose that might not be so easy to trigger. Ultimately, more options on both trees for all weapons would be extremely useful for New world players, even for weapons that are normally considered very powerful.

New world is available now on PC.

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