Amazon Prime Gaming has a secret weapon


In this age of gaming, which is full of subscription services and memberships, it can be a bit overwhelming to sift through the multitude of options and select the best service for yourself. Some of the biggest and best-known services include Nintendo Switch Online, Xbox Game Pass, and Playstation Plus Premium. However, there is a service from Amazon which is not as well known and which could prove beneficial to many gamers due to its added perks and benefits.


Amazon’s secret weapon in terms of integrating into the gaming world is its dubbed membership Amazon Prime Gaming, which has been gaining a lot of attention lately due to its latest innovative marketing strategy. According to a report by Meet Glimpse, searches for Amazon Prime Gaming have increased by 133% over the past year with 863,000 searches per month, which may in part be due to its accessibility.

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Now is the time for Prime Gaming

For those who already have an Amazon Prime subscription, they might already know that they automatically have access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, and Amazon Music. For Amazon users who use Twitch, they also receive Twitch Prime where users can subscribe to a streamer and view their content ad-free. Notably, Prime Gaming also comes with a Prime subscription, which makes Prime Gaming a great deal compared to other standalone game subscription services.

Each month, free PC games are made available through Prime Gaming, along with exclusive in-game content. For July, these titles include Fishing: North Atlantic and manic mansion. Game content shouldn’t be overlooked either, as currently subscribers can redeem skins and loot for many generally well-received games. This month, this list is about Call of Duty: VanguardSeason 4 rewards for Call of Duty: Warzonee, NBA 2K, fall guys, red dead online, grand theft auto onlineand much more.

Giving games away for free is part of Amazon’s marketing strategy to build hype, and generally rolling out each month will have benefits for a variety of popular games. Amazon is now partnering more with EA Sports, so users should expect more collaborative content in this regard as well. The most viewed games on the monthly lists seem to be the Call of Duty franchise, League of Legends, Dead in broad daylightand Amazon’s own open-world MMO New world.

The latter was released on September 28, 2021 and was nominated for Best Multiplayer at The Game Awards. At the moment, it’s playable via a 30-day free trial or a one-time $40 purchase. The multinational makes sure to include plenty of free and PC-exclusive items for New world in its Prime Gaming services, which might be of interest to fans of the games or the MMO genre.

Between July 12 and July 13, more than 30 games with Amazon Prime were up for grabs at no additional cost, as part of the company’s Prime Day deals. Somewhat recent releases and great games like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Star Wars Jedi Academyand Need heat fast could be added to a player’s library to keep indefinitely. Future deals like these will almost surely happen again, likely around Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday and the holiday season, so now would be a great time to keep an eye out for Prime Gaming. in case titles like these become free again.

This year seems like a good opportunity for Amazon and the gaming community to benefit each other. If the company continues to roll out great titles for free, it could Amazon Prime Gaming will be able to compete head-to-head with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and other services in the near future.

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