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Apex Legends has a bountiful roster of Legends in Season 12, but for those interested in finding out who the real voices behind the characters are, here’s a list of every voice actor in the game.

Apex Legends Season 11 is almost over, with Season 12 being announced on January 24. The upcoming season will introduce a brand new legend, Mad Maggie, which means a new voice actor has joined the team.

Much like when a new Legend drops, all Legends’ pick rates and popularity change, keeping players on their toes.

All Legends are unique, both in terms of gameplay and the personality of things, so who are the voices that bring Legends to life?

Apex Legends is now home to 20 individual characters, with Season 12 bringing Mad Maggie. Each of these characters is unique and somewhat reflective of their voice actors, so let’s take a look at the faces behind the captions.

Apex Legends voice actors

Advertiser: Zehra Fazal

Actress of Zehra Fazal

Although this character is technically not a legend, Zehra Fazal voices the announcer in Apex games. So whenever you hear “Champion has been eliminated” or any in-game announcement except Arenas, that’s the voice actor you heard.

Ash: Anna Campbell

apex legends anna campbell ash voice actor

Season 11’s addition to Apex Legends’ roster was Ash, the incisive instigator. The Simulacrum is voiced by Anna Campbell, who was also responsible for the character’s voice in the Titanfall franchise.

Like Ash, Anna has been a part of the Titanfall and Apex Legends franchise for a long time, being involved in Arenas long before Legend’s official release in Season 11. The actor has also been involved in numerous movies and TV shows such as NCIS . .

Bengaluru: Erica Lutrell

Erica Luttrell, voice actress from Bangalore

Erica Luttrell is the voice of Bangalore and an accomplished actress who has starred in Westworld on HBO and Salvation on CBS. She has also starred in various other games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and The Last of Us: Part II.

Bloodhound: Allegra Clark

Bloodhound voice actor Allegra Clark

The developers intended Bloodhound’s voice to be gender neutral and non-binary, a goal which is achieved through several effects applied to Allegra Clark’s recordings.

So while the voice may be masked much like the character, Allegra Clark is the face behind the caption.

Caustic: J.B. White

White JB Caustic Doubler

JB Blanc is also an accomplished actor who has starred in popular TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He’s also Caustic in Apex Legends, an evil scientist whose character stands out greatly through JB Blanc’s voice acting.

Crypto: Johnny Young

Crypto voice actor Johnny Young

One of the first legends to be introduced in Apex Legends until Season 3, Johnny Young voices the mysterious hacker, Crypto. Besides being the voice of one of the legends, Johnny Young is also a big fan of the game and can often be found streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

Fuse: Ben Prendergast

Fuse voice actor Ben Prengergast

Fuse was introduced in Apex Legends Season 8 and is voiced by Australian actor Ben Prendergast. Like Johnny Young, he is also a gamer and can be found on Twitch streaming Apex Legends and most likely playing as Fuse.

He has also worked on various other games such as Hades, Fallout and Star Wars Resistance and has performed on screen and on stage for shows like Preacher and Frontier.

Gibraltar: Branscombe-Richmond

Gibraltar voice actor Branscombe Richmond

The defensive brute that is Gibraltar is voiced by Branscombe Richmond, who has a mixed heritage of English, Native American, Hawaiian, French, French Polynesian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Richmond’s acting career was widespread in the mid-1970s, unlike other voice actors starring in various films and television shows. He is perhaps best known for being in The Scorpion King and starring in shows like The A-Team and Walker, Texas Ranger.

Horizon: Elle Newlands

Horizon voice actress Elle Newlands

Horizon dropped in Season 7, taking the game base by storm due to the legend’s great abilities and big Scottish accent. Elle Newlands has also featured in other games like Doom Eternal, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Skyrim.

Fun Fact: She’s also good friends with the voice actors of Rampart and Lifeline in real life, often sharing their encounters on social media.

Safety rope: Mela Lee

Mela Lee, voice actress of Lifeline

Lifeline is one of the original characters from Apex Legends’ first outing and is voiced by Mela Lee. Mela Lee is the source of all of Lifeline’s character’s signature lines, such as “Mozambique here,” which she often recites on her Twitter page.

Mela Lee also voices Jade from Mortal Kombat 11, so fighting game fans may have heard her voice before.

Loba: Fryda Wolff

Loba's voice actor, Fryda Wolff

Fryda Wolff voices Loba in Apex Legends, the translocation thief. Fryda is perfect for Loba due to her Mexican roots and her ability to speak Mexican Spanish fluently, adding depth to the character. Fryda Wolff has also featured in Cyberpunk 2077, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Rage 2, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Just Cause 4, and two Call of Duty games.

Fun Fact: According to IMDB, Fryda is the second cousin of Mexican director Alejandro Andrade, also Loba’s last name.

Mad Maggie: Nicholas Kawana

Nicola Kawana, voice actor of Mad Maggie from Apex Legends

Mad Maggie has been involved in the lore of Apex Legends since the introduction of Fuse in Season 8. After feeling betrayed by her old friend, Fuse, she wreaked havoc in the Outlands and disrupted the Syndicate.

Now, in order to pay for her crimes, she joined the Apex Games in season 12 and is voiced by Nicola Kawana, a New Zealand actress of Maori descent who has worked in the film and television industry since 1998.

Mirage: Roger Craig Smith

Roger Craig Smith, voice actor of Mirage

Arguably Apex Legends’ most accomplished gaming voice actor, Roger Craig Smith voices Mirage, the holographic Trickster. Roger’s voice really conveys Mirage’s mischief, fleshing out the character’s personality.

Roger’s most iconic voice acting in gaming includes Dying Light, Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Octane: Nicolas Roye

Voice actor of Octane Nicolas Roye

Octane was the first legend to be introduced after the game’s release and is voiced by Jersey native Nicholas Roye, who has Spanish and Italian heritage. His heritage works perfectly for the fast-paced Spanish Octane, adding dimension to Octane’s character.

Nicholas also did voice acting for Cyberpunk 2077 and will also be heard in Halo’s upcoming episode, Infinite.

Scout: Chris Edgerly

Chris Edgerly, voice actor for Pathfinder

Although his voice is altered to sound robotic, Chris Edgerly is the voice of Pathfinder, the friendly robot who loves boxing.

Outside of Apex Legends, Chris is also known for his voice acting on The Simpsons and in various games such as the Kingdom Hearts series and various voice acting in Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect.

Rampart: Anjali Bhimani

Anjali Bhimani, voice actor of Rampart

Season 6 Legend Rampart is voiced by Anjali Bhimani, an Indian-American who appeared as Symmetra in Overwatch. Anjali has also appeared on television in Modern Family, The Sopranos and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Returning: Paul’s Darin

Returning comedian Darin de Pail

Darin De Paul is the voice of the villainous Revenant, a heavily edited voice, but still a great job of converting the dark side of the Revenant character.

Again, Overwatch players may also be familiar with this voice actor from Apex Legends, as they voiced Reinhardt.

Other roles in games include Destiny 2, Spider-Man, Avengers, and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fun Fact: Darin De Paul also voiced Forge, the legend slain by Revenant, who later took Forge’s place in the Apex games.

Seeing: Ike Amadi

Voice actor Ike Amadi

Iké Amadi is the voice actor for Season 10 Legend Seer, who exudes style and rhythm. Iké is a Nigerian voice actor who pushes Seer’s African origins through an authentic African accent.

Mortal Kombat 11 players may recognize his voice as he played Shao Kahn and Cyrax. For those on PlayStation, you may also recognize him from Knack, as he is the voice of Knack himself.

Wattson: Justine Huxley

Justine Huxley, Wattson actress

Wattson was the second Legend to be introduced, arriving in Season 2. Wattson is voiced by Justine Huxley, who surprisingly isn’t French, but instead pulls off a great accent for the Legend.

Justine has also featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V (both times voicing pedestrian dialogue), Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Huxley also completed voice work in the Sword Art Online anime series in 2020.

Spectrum: Shantel VanSanten

Wraith actor Shantel Vansanten

The interdimensional skirmisher, Wraith, is voiced by American actor Shantel VanSanten. Shantel is known for her work in television, making Apex Legends her first job in the gaming industry.

You may recognize Shantel from various on-screen works such as One Tree Hill, Shooter, The Boys, The Flash, For All Mankind, and The Messengers. Shantel also played Lori in The Final Destination (2009).

Valkyrie: Erika Ishii

Erika Ishii as Valkyrie

Season 9’s Valkyrie legend is voiced by Erika Ishii, an accomplished voice actress in the games industry who has worked on games like Cyberpunk, Destiny 2, Last of Us: Part II, and Fallout 76.

Erika Ishii was born in California but fleshed out Valkyrie’s Japanese heritage with her own, adding depth to the Winged Avenger.

That’s it for every Apex Legends voice actor. For more, check out our Apex Legends next-gen version release date article.

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