Arkane could be a secret weapon in Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda


Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda spoke for itself in terms of significance. As the studio behind massively influential RPG franchises To fall and ancient scrolls, Bethesda is an extremely valuable company to which Microsoft has exclusive access. These Bethesda IP addresses, along with the new star field IP, promise to be heavyweights on Xbox. However, since Microsoft technically acquired Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, it now has its hands on a lot more developers than Bethesda itself. Including Arkane Studiosa developer that has released a slew of beloved games, but has yet to become a household name among gamers in the way of Bethesda.


Although Arkane Studios had a good 2021 with the release of the beloved Death Loop, the studio remains somewhat in the shadow of its sibling Bethesda, which is understandable given Bethesda’s considerable contributions to the RPG genre. However, regardless of Arkane’s overall fame, it could be a surprisingly large part of the Microsoft-Bethesda acquisition. Death LoopArkane’s success proved Arkane’s potential, and his track record of creative success suggests that Arkane could deliver many interesting games for the Xbox in the years to come. Microsoft may have made their deal in search of Bethesda, but Arkane’s potential can’t be overlooked.

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Arkane Studios past and present successes

While some of Arkane’s early games fell into oblivion, the studio gained notoriety in the 2010s when it launched the Dishonored franchise. Both Dishonored games may have received criticism for their storytelling, these titles are fondly remembered by fans for delivering a thrilling action-adventure experience through its assassin protagonists. Years after the original games were released, interest in a third Dishonored the game remains high. Arkane’s jaw-dropping FPS Prey can’t be overlooked either, as it became a much-loved release in 2017 despite shaky sales performance. These two IP addresses could be very valuable for the Xbox Series X if Arkane manages to return to them in the future.

Plus, Arkane’s new projects prove the studio isn’t short on big ideas. The above Death Loop is an obvious example; its refreshing take on the time loop genre adds up to another great IP to build on with Microsoft backing. red fall also deserves recognition. The quality of red fall may remain to be seen, thanks to his recent delay, but Arkane can’t be blamed for his creativity thanks to his vampire vision of the left for dead multiplayer shooter game template. red fallThe mix of sci-fi and fantasy results in an exciting new portrayal of vampires, along with a compelling cast of protagonists. Arkane’s recent steady stream of interesting new IPs could be very helpful in expanding the range of IPs found exclusively on Xbox.

Arkane’s potential under Microsoft

The Bethesda acquisition is undoubtedly a major win for Microsoft, but Arkane Studios seems to have a similar impact simply because of its versatility and creativity. Bethesda Game Studios is heavily dedicated to RPGs, but Arkane has a reputation for successfully experimenting with very different game genres and settings. So it has the potential to deliver a lot of creative new IP to Xbox Series X while potentially inventing new franchises that further increase its impact on the console, as well as Microsoft’s future gaming platforms.

It is possible that Arkane will unveil new influential projects in the near future. Death Loop is completely in the rearview mirror, and while red fall will get a lot more development time than expected, it’s apparently Arkane’s only game currently in the works. Arkane has already juggled several projects, so it stands to reason that he could do so now. If fans are lucky, they might soon discover another Xbox exclusive game from Arkane Studios. Whether it’s the revival of a classic Arkane franchise or another promising new intellectual property, any new Arkane title has the potential to cement the studio’s position as a surprisingly important part of the industry. acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft.

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