Army Of Thieves Posters Show New Team In Zack Snyder’s Movie Prequel


Zack Snyder shares 3 posters of Netflix’s upcoming Army of the Dead prequel, Army of Thieves; they introduce all the members of the new heist team.

Zack Snyder unveiled new posters for upcoming Netflix Army of Steals movie. A prequel to Snyder’s widely circulated blockbuster, Army of the dead, released in May 2021, Army of thieves focuses on Ludwig Dieter, the nervous and quirky cracker, played by Matthias Schweighöfer. The film is set during the early stages of the zombie outbreak and focuses on the early days of Ludwig’s career as he is hired by a mysterious woman to pull off a heist with the help of a group of unlikely criminals. Schweighöfer is directing the film, with Snyder attached as screenwriter and executive producer.

After the enormous popularity and the positive reception of Army of the dead, Army of thieves Expands Snyder’s New Media Franchise Further to Netflix. The new movie, however, features a lot fewer zombies, and the focus is more on the romantic comedy and heist elements of Ludwig’s adventures. A few months ago, fans got their first glimpse of Army of thieves when a trailer confirming the film’s October 29 release date was released during a Comic-Con @ Home panel. And recently, the official trailer for the film was also revealed at Netflix’s global fan event TUDUM. Now Snyder has shared more promotional material for the film.

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Friday, Zack Snyder posted three posters of Army of thieves to Twitter. The vibrant images tease the thrilling heist to come, while also highlighting the film’s main burglary team. The posters reiterate that the film is a prequel as one of them reads “While the zombies took over, a team took advantage” indicating when Army of thieves is fixed in the Army of the dead chronology. Check out the new posters below:

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In each of the posters Snyder shared, fans can get a good look at the members of the new heist squad. Besides Ludwig de Schweighöfer, there is Man like Mobeen‘s Guz Khan as Rolph, who is the crew’s getaway driver. During this time, Jamestown‘s Stuart Martin plays Brad Cage, a muscular guy who does most of the action. PolarRuby O. Fee tries the Korina hacker, while, Game Of Thrones‘Nathalie Emmanuel is attached as Gwendoline, the woman who recruits Ludwig.

It can be argued that the new posters do not reveal any additional information about Army of thieves. Still, these are still important marketing pieces ahead of the film as they feature the film’s delightful visuals, dazzling color scheme, and blatant cinematography. Much of the criticism that Army of the dead drew came about because of its frowning imagery, with several viewers criticizing the presence of dead pixels on their screens during several scenes. But now, as the colorful posters indicate, it looks like the mistakes made in the original film have been rectified. Thereby, Army of thieves it can be counted on to provide a better quality viewing experience.

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  • Army of Thieves (2021)Release Date: October 29, 2021

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