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Matthew Smith served his country for 22 years in the United States Army. Now he serves small business owners in the area.

Smith, 44, is president of the Radcliff Small Business Alliance, a regional organization aimed at helping small businesses in the region get the tools they need to succeed.

“Almost everyone there will take their time, give you advice, and point you in the right direction,” Smith said.

He became involved with the RSBA when he started his own home inspection business, 2 Veterans Inspections, with his 23-year-old wife, Michelle. He said he and his wife, who is still serving in the military, have always worked well together.

“She’s the counterweight to me,” Smith said. “I’m more aggressive and stubborn, and she’s more calculating. We really balance each other out.

Smith said when he started the business he received guidance from former RSBA chairman Terry Shortt. Shortt asked if he would be interested in joining the RSBA, and things quickly moved on from there. Within months, Smith was a member of the board of directors and eventually named president.

His business has also grown rapidly, seeing a bonanza in recent years when some industries weren’t so lucky.

“A lot of industries have suffered; the housing market has done the exact opposite,” Smith said. “We’ve only gone up since.”

He said the RSBA is a great resource for other small business owners getting started, as members have already taken the first steps.

Smith said another great benefit of the RSBA, which now has around 145 members, is the referral network it creates.

“I get business from almost every member there and then return the favor,” he said.

He said it was easy for members to avail of RSBA offers.

“The most important thing for a business owner to do is show up,” he said. “If you show up, you’ll get the benefits.”

Although he has recently started bringing team members into the RSBA so that certain tasks can be delegated, he said, he is still responsible for around 80% of the organization’s operations.

Smith and his wife have been in the area for six years, choosing the area based on it being halfway between Matthew’s home state of Oklahoma and the state of origin of Michelle, Virginia. Smith says it makes it easier to visit their family, which they do frequently.

“It works really well because we can get to either place in a day,” he said.

Both love to ski in the winter and relax at Rough River Lake in the summer. They have two sons, Jordan and Aidan; and two Scottish terriers, Lynx and Boomer. Smith also has a passion for smoking meat. He has described himself as a “project person”, someone who likes to do things, and with all that he has, that description seems very accurate.

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