Arnold Schwarzenegger’s military experience came in handy during commando


During an oral history of “Commando”, Arnold Schwarzenegger said Empire why he felt a bit at home making the film. “I was in the Austrian army and I was a tank driver,” he said. “So the ‘Commando’ action wasn’t all new to me.” While we didn’t have the pleasure of watching Schwarzenegger run over bad guys while driving a tank in the film, his past experience has allowed him to pull off a lot of his own stunts. “I owe it to my fans to do the action myself, because it’s me they’re paying to see,” he explained.

Schwarzenegger even went a bit too far, as the film’s director, Mark L. Lester, told Empire:

“Arnold insisted on doing almost all of the stunts himself, because he said no one could duplicate his body. Even when we were doing a close-up of Matrix thrusting a knife into a sheath, he said, ‘My hand doesn’t cannot be duplicated. one of a kind.’ When he fired he cut his other hand with the knife and had to go to the hospital.”

One thing about Schwarzenegger is that he’s going to find a way to get injured on set. He enthusiastically shared Yahoo Entertainment the many times he injured himself while shooting a movie. Maybe putting him in a tank wouldn’t have been a good idea.


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