Austin Daily Herald faces man with felony weapon and assault charges


A domestic disturbance appeal led an Austin man to face two felony counts involving a firearm.

Russell Alan Pehl, 71

Russell Alan Pehl, 71, has been charged with the felony of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon and the felony of terrorist threats – risk of reckless disregard.

He is also facing domestic assault for a misdemeanor.

The charges stem from an incident on November 13, when Austin police were called to a house in the 600 block of 10th Street SW regarding domestic disturbances that allegedly took place the day before involving a gun .

Court documents say police questioned both the victim, an elderly woman, and Pehl. The woman indicated that she and Pehl had an argument and that Pehl was in possession of a handgun. She initially said the accused did not point the gun at her, but told police she was scared because she believed the accused was drugged or drunk.

However, court documents indicate that after Pehl’s arrest, the victim revealed that Pehl had indeed pointed the gun at her and previously had walked around with the gun.

Pehl claimed that the argument had not taken place the day before, but a month earlier and that he was “very careful” with his gun, and further claimed that he and the victim “got along well”.

While telling police that he only had one rifle and had not taken out of his holster for a year, Pehl reportedly told police that no guns were involved in the argument, but later admitted to taking out the gun while “watching a cowboy shows.”

He also said he was drinking while the gun was pulled, but claimed the gun was only pulled for 15 minutes and he did not believe he was acting in a threatening manner.

Officers removed a Smith & Wesson 9mm semi-automatic pistol; a .22 caliber Beretta semi-automatic pistol; a Stoeger .45 Colt revolver and a .30-.30 Marlin rifle.

Pehl’s next appearance is scheduled for November 29.

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