Bad Batch Declassified: 5 Highlights of “Common Ground”


Clone Force 99 must put politics aside to help an old enemy.

Star Wars: The Wrong Lot is here, chronicling the adventures of the elite Clone Force 99 squad after the end of the Clone Wars. In Bad lot Declassified, we’ll explore our favorite moments from each episode of the series, only available on Disney +. Arm yourself and join us for the ride.

Spoiler Warning: This article covers the details and plot points of the Star Wars: The Wrong Lot episode, “Common Ground”.

The Bad Batch always thought they would end up on Raxus, but they surely thought it would be a mission for the Republic, leveling the Separatist clankers at the heart of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Instead, the Republic has fallen, and members of Clone Force 99 are called upon to fight clone troopers in an effort to save a separatist politician. Here are five highlights from the episode, now streaming on Disney +.

Senator Avi Singh

1. Senator Avi Singh finds his voice.

After the rise of the Empire, Senator Singh quickly discovered that everything his planet had fought for during the Clone Wars had been lost. For a moment, it looks like he might go after his new Imperial overlords. But given the chance to take the mic, Singh accesses that spark of rebellion that inspired the uprising against the Republic and uses his moment on the podium to rally his people against the unjust occupation.

Omega and Cid

2. Cid and the child.

Cid really isn’t going to bother to learn their names, is he? Between “bandana”, “dark and broody” and “glasses”, she has plenty of abbreviated nicknames to identify the Bad Batch. But from the start, Omega has shown that she’s not exactly like the rest of Clone Force 99. And not only does she not want to accept Cid’s usual laconic treatment and overt nonchalance, but when she proves that she does. is a galactic Bobby Fischer at the jarik table, Omega negotiates double the salary to use his skills for Cid’s benefit.


3. Infiltration of AT-TE.

I arrive ! How many Bad Batchers does it take to infiltrate AT-TE? Only two. But it’ll take all four to keep him behind the wheel once he’s attacked by the clones.

Echo talks to Senator Avi Singh

4. “Live to fight another day.”

Singh is in conflict. If he stays on Raxus, he will likely be sent back to an Imperial cell. If he runs away, he fears abandoning his people when they need them most. But sometimes the only thing one can really do in a seemingly hopeless situation is just to survive. With these wise words from Echo, we get a feel for what the wounded warrior went through and the rebellious act of defiance that comes with persistence.

Omega and Cid

5. Omega in clutch.

Omega just wants to be a valuable member of the team, and his keen sense of strategy has now freed the Bad Batch from the debt they owed Cid. She may be small, but she is powerful.

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