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One of the more recent entries into the ruthless arena of MMORPG, Amazon’s recent offer in the fray, New world, has certainly seen some interesting ups and downs. As the game evolves, so does the choice of weapons. Characters can carry two weapons at the same time, so naturally there is a lot of debate between players as to which combinations are best. There are no lessons in New world and therefore no restrictions on the weapons and equipment players can equip, giving Aeternum adventurers a myriad of interesting choices. These weapons can be crafted by players, given as quest rewards, or dropped by slain enemies.

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These are not dual-wielding weapons, which is not an option in the reality-based combat and gameplay of New world. Debate rages on whether or not dual handling will be an option, but so far it is considered intrinsic to the fantasy RPG genre and is unlikely to become an option. Weapon combos relate to weapons that will adapt to the character’s strongest attributes.. After a few months of trial, error, and drama, here are some of the best weapon combos in New world.

9 Musket, Rapier (Ranged DPS)

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The musket and rapier combination is one of the earliest and oldest that players discovered and developed in New world. These weapons have been available since beta, and despite some minor tweaks in recent patches, they basically remain the same all the way down to talent trees. The Attributes that determine a character’s skill with these weapons are based on both Dexterity as the main score and Intelligence as a secondary, which streamlines the leveling process.

The popularity of this combination is also due to its simplicity. Regardless of the talent tree used for either of these weapons, each role is a variation of damage per second, or the DPS rating, which makes it easier to experiment with different versions.


8 Warhammer, Sword And Shield (Melee DPS / Tank)


Players who value Strength as an Attribute instead of Intelligence can carry these awesome weapons. This build forgoes ranged damage abilities, but this role type is more about PvP and group-based content like corrupt expeditions and invasions, so it is fair trade.

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As with most ideal combinations, these two weapons share the same primary attribute scores. The Warhammer is the more effective of the two, relying only on Strength and no other score. Mastery of the sword and shield is also based on Dexterity as a secondary attribute score.

7 Life Staff, Void Gauntlet (Healing / Ranged DPS)

zone control of life staff

The only healing weapon in New world is also the sole beneficiary of the To concentrate Attribute score. This is why the combination with the Stick of Life is going to be one of the most difficult to determine. However, a high focus skill also means improved mana recovery and spellcasting rates, so it makes sense to equip another magical item as a secondary weapon.

The Void Gauntlet, a new entry in the New world armory, fits well here. It is the first weapon in the game that adapts to both Intelligence and To concentrate. The Ice Gauntlet is also a good choice, but this weapon is more about crowd control (CC) as opposed to DPS and only uses Intelligence as the primary attribute, so the choice is entirely up to the character’s unique build.

6 Hatchet, Large Ax (Melee DPS)

Hatchet New World Split Image Skill Screen and Fight

The hatchet isn’t exactly the most spectacular or eye-catching weapon in the world. New world, especially compared to large axes and hammers, which is why it tends to be overlooked. However, it is an excellent weapon for strength builds, and while a player can equip any dexterity-based weapon here, it’s just more fun, and best to go all out.

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Unlike other builds which rely almost entirely on strength, characters that equip this weapon combination have a ranged ability as long as they put a few points in the Throw section of the talent tree.

5 Ice Gauntlet, Musket (Ranged DPS)

battlemage musket split image player with ice gauntlet musket

The Ice Gainlet has been a favorite magical weapon since the start of the game, and it shares a few practical attributes with another popular choice for ranged DPS, the Musket. It’s a nice combination for players who prefer not to rely solely on mana or melee weapons when it comes to doing damage.

The musket relies on Dexterity as its main attribute and Intelligence as his secondary. The Ice Gauntlet only uses Intelligence. Both have abilities that focus on ranged damage, and it is necessary to use the Trapper section of the Musket Talent Tree to give a character additional crowd control abilities.

4 Staff of Life, Hatchet (Healing)


For players who still want to be dedicated healers but keep their options for melee damage open, it makes sense to combine a Life Staff with a Handy Ax provided your secondary ability score is either Strength Where Dexterity. Another decent choice here would be a rapier instead of the ax if the build is more dexterity-oriented.

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Smaller weapons like the ax give the player a better dodge rating and make them faster when it comes to engaging or trying to avoid an enemy. This is a good skill to have for a healer, who often needs to dodge hits and put a lot of Constitution points for extra health.

3 Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet (Ranged DPS)

New World MMO screenshot p; ayer holding a fire stick

There are no lessons in New world, but players working in Rangers, Shamans, or other variations of the mixture of elemental powers and ranged DPS should consider this combination of ice and fire. This is one of the options for a purely magical build, with the Fire Staff clearing the way for damage and the Ice Gauntlet for CC.

Be a pure magical construction, these powers and abilities are based entirely on one attribute, Intelligence. This makes it easier to increase a character’s Constitution score and gain all kinds of extra hit points, making the lack of armor less of a problem.

2 Spear, Bow (Ranged DPS / Melee)

new world afk timer

Build a barbarian, trapper or survivor? Then, it makes sense to equip a character with the most basic weapons as they make their way through the wilds of Aeternum. The spear and the bow have a lot in common when it comes to attributes, sharing Dexterity as the main one.

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Bow skills are based on dexterity only, so the player is free to give the character a few extra points in Strength. This is the secondary attribute of the spear and improves its damage dealing abilities.

1 Life Staff, Sword & Shield (Tank / Healing)

Screenshot of New World MMO players battling sword and shield

No lessons in New world means players no longer have to choose between taking and healing. The stick of life only needs To concentrate with regard to attributes, the player is therefore free to put a few more points in Strength, the main score for a sword and shield.

This combination is not only a great way to create and play your favorite build, but it’s also a good build for single player players who want healing abilities for PvE content.

New world is available on Microsoft Windows.

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