Biden confused about Civil War, voting and more


Several Republican states across the country are trying to get their election laws in order after the pandemic mess of 2020. President Joe Biden called this the “Jim Crow assault of the 21st century” and then said it was was “the most important test of our democracy since the civil war”. But please don’t call him unfit for office, as the 25th Amendment could then be used to impeach him with Vice President Kamala Harris taking his place.

After her likely failure to even visit the Oval Office, she could also be ejected, next in line being the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, in the most important test of our independence as a people since the War of Independence. . After all, she wants an uncompromisingly democratic, welfare-dependent, debt-threatened, micromanaging, oversized federal government of the kind where she herself has twice mismanaged impeachment of a president.

Therefore, hold on to Biden. That doesn’t mean we have to take him seriously in what he says, although we do have to take him very, very seriously in what he wants to do, like dealing with Republican voting law changes, mostly to common sense, as excluding blacks. Americans polls. Right now we have about 50 members of the Texas House hanging out in Washington, DC, to prevent a vote in their home state on a Republican bill that would do such horrible things as telling businesses that ‘they must, by law, give time to employees who have gone to vote.

The bill also states that there will be another two weeks of early voting and, in counties with more than 55,000 inhabitants, 12 hours a day for the occasion. To make things better, there was also a 24-hour riding that would allow you to vote all night, and the bill says no more. Texans may be crying, given how fun it must be to jump to the polls at 4 a.m.

The bill removes drive-thru voting used as a quick emergency pandemic measure, and it is considered a serious felony and misdemeanor because black American voters loved it. While parking and queuing isn’t much fun for any race, it doesn’t equate to the literacy tests used in the Jim Crow South to prevent black Americans from voting.

Today’s Democratic senators in Washington aren’t just complaining about Texas, but Georgia, Florida, and any other state that makes it better. A solution? Have as many vulnerable and unattended mailboxes as possible, even though the pandemic has subsided and piles of mailboxes are available.

To be fair, senators may not be aware of mailboxes. In their own absurd and constitutionally negligent bill, they want less oversight, fewer poll watchers, something like full federal control of every inch of federal elections, and less hassle with verifying registrations even though PEW searches. found something like 2 million of them are for dead people, on the one hand, and 2.8 million people are registered in more than one state, on the other hand.

One of the main concerns of Democrats is voter identification laws which increase the vote of white and black Americans and reinforce honesty. One of the main Democratic enthusiasms is the widespread use of mail-in ballots which could fail this latter test.

In other words, Biden is ready for action and maybe even wants to fire 50 US Republican senators and replace them with the 50 visiting Democrats from Texas, a theory I have to admit that is as plausible as his thoughts on the Civil War.

Jay Ambrose is a union columnist.

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