Billy Hamilton is the ultimate super weapon


It’s always fun when a player plays for both Chicago baseball teams. Billy Hamilton spent consecutive seasons in Windy City as he spent the short 2020 season with the Chicago Cubs. He didn’t appear in a lot of games with them but he was there anyway. They would probably like to use it more on the north side after seeing what it is capable of on the south side. He’s been a great weapon with the Chicago White Sox so far this year.

Billy Hamilton has been an impressive story for the Chicago White Sox this year.

The White Sox know he’s not the most impressive hitter in the lineup, but they’ve used him in a way that has allowed him to succeed. For one thing, Tim Anderson was there for Billy because he told him that he didn’t need to be known as ‘Billy the Runner’ and that he could be known as ‘Billy the Batter’. he wanted it. So far, he has shown that Tim Anderson’s confidence is right.

They love it when he hits the base as he becomes an immediate threat to steal multiple sacks and eventually score. It happens all the time. They also like to use him as a defensive substitute as he plays a very good central field. On Tuesday night he did one of the most beautiful takes you have ever seen.

As you can see, in the pouring rain Hamilton achieved the elite capture that will be on the highlight reels across the country for days to come. In the falling rain from the sky, he jumped up, caught up and slid down into the mud heap. When he was lying on the ground covered in this soggy mud, it was great to see him smile while having fun.

You can see Liam Hendriks was really shocked that he made this capture under the conditions he did. When you think about it deeply, you shouldn’t be too surprised at all. White Sox fans are used to seeing these things from Billy this season. Everyone, including Billy, knows he gives all of his time all the time.

We don’t know how this season is going to go for the White Sox because of all the injuries they have. They are already at 50 wins, so you can clearly see that they are still one of the best in the league, but you have to wonder how far they can go. Having someone like Billy Hamilton come over to play big games like this regularly makes it easier. If they keep making a playoff run, it feels good to have someone like that on the list for a lot of reasons.

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