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“I am not anti vax. I am against mandatory medical procedures,” says Kelly Slater. “I think I will naturally wait for the antibodies if I get COVID.”

Two-time Brazilian world champion Gabriel Medina revealed via live video streaming service Twitch that he will not come close to the Tahiti Pro following next week’s Mex event, which may or may not take place after Oaxaca has closed all beaches following a new COVID outbreak.

Adorned with jewels, Medina, who is 27, says he turned down the Brazilian Olympic committee’s offer of a COVID-19 vax ahead of the Tokyo Games, and therefore cannot comply with strict quarantine laws from France.

You see, because he is not vaccinated, Medina would be forced into ten days of quarantine after Mex, which means he would miss the event.

“We don’t have time to go from Mexico to there, because it’s one after the other. I will be forced not to go, ”said Medina. ” But OK. I can exclude a step, so that’s good.

And Medina won’t be the only surfer to choose one of the other contests given the objections of some top surfers to the COVID vaccination.

Two months ago, during a social media stoush, Kelly Slater revealed that he wasn’t necessarily against getting stung, but wanted to sit down for a bit, examine the effects. secondary.

Responding to a claim he was pushing “anti-vax nonsense,” Slater wrote,

“Why does this account always end up with these triggered, bitchy people who can’t stand a joke?” And secondly, I am not anti vax. I am against compulsory medical procedures. But I never even pushed that.

When asked if he would get the vaccine, Slater wrote, “Probably not anytime soon… It hasn’t been studied long enough to know the long term drawbacks. A friend’s father also died within days of contracting it from blood clots, so there you go. I think I will naturally wait for the antibodies if I get COVID. “

And, although he’s no longer on tour, beloved former world number two Taj Burrow warned his 326,000 subscribers in May of the vaccination craze.

“Don’t take the poisoned needle,” Tez wrote.

Medina’s decision reveals one of the two flaws of the Finals Day format; that a surfer with enough victories in the first half of the year can choose the competitions in which he will appear during the second half of the year.

Heady days etc.


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