Boba Fett’s Looney Tunes Hunt Book Ends Horribly


In the latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett, Boba and Fennec Shand have just embarked on a Looney Tunes hunt, which ended horribly.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Boba Fett’s book, “The Gathering Storm,” now streaming on Disney+.

Like Boba Fett’s Book progresses, each episode reveals a surprisingly heartwarming glimpse of the former bounty hunter as he redeemed his grim past. Fans witnessed how he befriended the Tusken Raiders, only to lose his tribe in a brutal massacre, which explained why he wanted to bring peace to Mos Espa and, by extension, Tatooine as a daimyo. However, as its origin with Fennec Shand was eventually explored, a looney tunes hunt took place which ended horribly.

This happened after Boba saved Fennec’s life, and she agreed to help clear his debt. He wanted her to attack Jabba the Hutt’s palace so he could retrieve his Firespray ship, since without her armor, Bib Fortuna and the henchmen would not respect it and return it. In fact, they may have killed him, so he desperately wanted Fennec to help him.

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She agreed, realizing he was honest and had a code, so she eventually mapped the facility, but as they infiltrated chaos ensued when Boba and Fennec took droids out of kitchen, including a cook resembling General Grievous. As they tried to get to the hangar, a lep rat-catching droid came across the carnage, so they had to chase it down so it wouldn’t set off the alarm.

He was designed as a rabbit, and while Boba ran around with his stick, he looked a lot like Elmer Fudd with his gun. The sequence seemed to pay homage to one of the looney tunes the most iconic and distinct rivalries, which often ended with Bugs outmaneuvering Elmer and embarrassing him.

He entertained decades of generations, bringing comic joy and warmth to fans who recognized their wacky adventures as the very essence of the Warner Bros. franchise. Make no mistake, Boba cut a similar figure, exhausted because not only is he older and slower, but the “Rabbit” has also passed him at every turn due to his nature. Even the speedy Fennec struggled to keep up as the petrified robot lurked in the air vents, but they would have cornered the weary droid in time.

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The lep knew they were all at work after seeing the bodies, however, and as Boba picked him up and strangled him, the kitchen assistant performed what was essentially a suicide. The little bot turned off its switch with its hands free and deleted its programming, dying in the process. He didn’t want to be a prisoner of war for information, so rather than become a treacherous mainframe, he opted for death.

This conclusion was quite grim, stunning even Boba and Fennec, who admittedly may not have murdered her. Then again, it’s hard to blame the bot because all he could think about was being interrogated or ending up dead like his peers because, unlike the clumsy Elmer, Boba already looked like he was a killer.

To see Boba hunt his rabbit, the first four episodes of The Book of Boba Fett are streaming with a new episode arriving every Wednesday on Disney+.

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