Boba Fett’s Wicked Betrayal Book Officially Starts Tatooine’s Civil War


In the latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett, a wicked betrayal has officially sparked Tatooine’s Civil War, leaving Boba’s crew to scramble.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Boba Fett’s Book, “Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos Espa,” now streaming on Disney+.

In Boba Fett’s Book, the ex-bounty hunter had a lot of math to do, knowing that he had enemies coming from all sides. It’s obvious that people want the throne he took after Jabba the Hutt disappeared, with this criminal empire now making the daimyo a target on Mos Espa. In the latest episode, that’s kicked up a notch as a nasty betrayal has officially sparked the Tatooine Civil War, leaving Boba’s crew to scramble.

Boba tried to make peace and keep order, that’s why he didn’t kill when the mayor, Mok Shaiz, didn’t pay his respects. He also didn’t escalate when it was said that the mayor sent the Night Wind assassins after him, and why Boba chose to recruit a teenage cyborg biker gang rather than fight them.

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He’s all about diplomacy and relationship building, which Fennec Shand is wary of because she doesn’t want that trust to make him vulnerable. Well, his worst fears came true when they went to the mayor, only for his domo to run away. They gave chase and eventually cornered the sinister politician, who revealed that the mayor had sold them out, giving control of Boba territory to the Pykes. All the while, the mayor lied and made Boba think they were on the same page.

Boba couldn’t believe it as it related to the words the Hutt cousins ​​said when they met to take out Black Krrsantan trying to kill Boba. The Twins apologized for the infraction, making it clear that Boba could keep the Wookiee as they were no longer interested in the throne due to the arrival of a new union. to ensure that Mos Espa becomes a Pyke stronghold.

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A war is brewing and Boba will need support, which isn’t easy to come by as all of these factions – including the Trandoshans – have their own allegiances and prizes. The Pykes have a large army, and they’ll be pissed that Boba hit their train in the past with the Tusken Raiders, so they could recruit to their cause. The Night Wind would certainly be hired, as well as Black Krrsantan, whom Boba let go. Honestly, Boba should have waited to assess the landscape, but who knows, maybe their past working for Vader and this act of mercy could lead the Wookiee to work for Boba as a reward.

That said, if the Kintan Striders or other gangs are around, Boba may have to put aside differences and his own morals and ethics to strengthen his legion. It’s thin as it is, and it doesn’t have many soldiers besides cyborgs and Gamorreans. Even with Fennec, they will still be heavily outnumbered, which is concerning.

After all, none of these gangs can be trusted, but with power, influence and resources like the Pykes, not to mention the mayor’s backing, they might all have to band together and then fight for them. remains after the dust has cleared.

A new episode of The Book of Boba Fett arrives every Wednesday on Disney+.

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