Breakthrough technologies drive transitions and solutions at the top of Army Aviation


AUSTIN, TX- Current and planned efforts to modernize Army aviation were the main talking points at this week’s 2022 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, reports Maureena Thompson for the Future army command. Continue reading the original article.

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April 11, 2022 – During a speech at the summit Monday, Lt. Gen. Thomas H. Todd III, deputy commanding general for acquisition and systems and chief of innovation at Army Futures Command, stressed that innovating quickly and boldly across multiple areas of endeavor within aviation will be paramount to ensuring future operational success.

“There are all kinds of things going forward that the rest of the military is relying on army aviation to detect, see, and potentially target and engage,” Todd explained.

Todd detailed how Army Futures Command diligently analyzed, tested and developed breakthrough technologies – such as air launch effects, integrated fires, directed energy weapons and faster and more efficient data networks – to enable decisive victories on future battlefields.

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