Brussels descends into total chaos and Belgium is on the verge of a civil war


The Russian-Ukrainian war devastated everything the European Union has always been proud of. The grouping, due to the presence of vibrant and diversified economies, has long maintained a strong presence among the world’s major economies.

Now, the strength of the union seems to be a thing of the past. The possibility of rebellion is strong amidst the chaos and the dethroning of the bullies is inevitable and if that weren’t enough, angry swarms of citizens tired of the extraordinary price hikes are now ready to demolish the union’s headquarters.

The endless crisis

Rising food prices, startling energy bills and frustration among politicians and employers brought 10,000 people to the streets of Brussels on Wednesday.

The protesters were seen chatting with the media, where they mentioned they wanted local, national and European politicians to react now and take immediate action to help them with the financial burden of the crisis.

The entire European continent has become collateral damage of a larger war between the United States and Russia. US President Joe Biden has used Ukraine as a proxy in his war against Moscow by insisting on a continued supply of arms to Ukraine and rallying his allies to implement substantial sanctions against Moscow.

Source – World News

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Moscow, due to a plethora of sanctions and continued aid to it from Europe, quickly cut gas supplies to the continent and then completely suspended the majority of supplies until lifted. Sanctions.

Kremlin and Sanctions

You see, the Russians may not have the most sophisticated technology and groundbreaking research, but the country is endowed with a plethora of resources, allowing it to control the shackles of the continent’s manufacturing capacity European.

As a result, the Kremlin, despite being pressured by multiple sanctions, is doing better than any wartime economy, while its aggressors in the East struggle as their economic bubbles begin to burst at their way.

Economic sanctions imposed by the West on Russia, coupled with Biden’s reckless weaponization of the USD to reduce Russia’s foreign exchange reserves, have actually benefited Russia in many areas and had a negative impact on the innocent European population.

Violence erupts at COVID Curb protest in Brussels
Source – voanews

It has now reached a point where it is questionable whether the West imposed sanctions on Russia or on itself. Conditions have gotten so bad that European nations are considering gas rationing as winters approach when the Russians have a huge surplus.

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The biggest problem is that European leaders do not seem to have a way out of the crisis. Liz Truss, the new British Prime Minister, has proposed a subsidy program to protect people from the impact of rising petrol prices. However, the people would be the ones who would have to pay the amount in the form of increased taxes and would also lose money due to the depletion of the value of the pound.

The situation in Germany is also not good, the country is heading towards deindustrialization due to the stoppage of gas supply. In addition, the administration is ready to levy additional charges on the consumer to cover the losses.

Things are getting increasingly worse in the majority nations of the continent with a situation of civil unrest spreading to many states. Moreover, a general strike is planned for November 8 in Belgium and it seems that it would mark the beginning of the end of the EU.


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