Can a “hydrophobic” knife be a better murder weapon than an ice cube?


As you fill your mind with all the murder mystery novels and movies, you must have asked yourself, “What would be the perfect murder weapon?” An ice cube might be the first thing that comes to your mind. Or if you’re a little too much of a philosopher, then you can also think about how time is the perfect murder weapon (scratch your philosophical brain, and you will, if you haven’t).

However, a hydrophobic knife might well compete with the deadly icicle. A video uploaded to YouTube by a channel called “Action Lab Shorts” shows the difference between a regular knife and a hydrophobic knife. The video begins with a beaker full of blood (no human blood, of course!). The presenter then dips the regular knife into the beaker, and it turns red when he pulls out the knife. However, when it soaks the hydrophobic knife, it is as clean as before.

To take it up a notch, the presenter tries his own blood in the next part of the video. He pricks his finger and gets a stain of his blood on a microscope slide. He then touched the hydrophobic knife to the blade, and the results are the same.

Well, that might have been the perfect weapon for a serial killer before the presenter put the knife under a microscope. What you see are large red blood stains on the slide when viewed through the lens. The presenter exclaims: “Look at this! Broken! ”The debate is swept away and, apparently, the icicle still remains the perfect murder weapon.

Watch the video here:

The Action Lab shorts are filled with amazing experiments and scientific information. Some of the exciting experiences on the channel include “How much weight can my pet lift?” “,” Paint an entire room with the blackest paint in the world “and” How to disentangle a liquid “.

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