Captain Marvel Is Blamed For Another Civil War Disaster


Captain Marvel continues to be one of the most controversial superheroes in the Marvel Universe as she enters ANOTHER Civil War conflict.

Warning: contains spoilers for Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #4!

marvel’s Captain Marvel turns out to be one of comics’ most controversial heroes by sparking yet another Civil War conflict, not even ten years after the previous one. Second Civil War. Carol Danvers has earned a reputation as a stubborn, stubborn character who uses her strength to coerce others into accepting her beliefs – at least that’s what happened in Second Civil War. Now, a variant of Captain Marvel is once again the cause of a superhero schism – but in Spider-Man: Gwenverse #4it’s not entirely his fault.


The original Civil War event began after an otherwise routine battle between the New Warriors and the villainous Nitro ended in explosive disaster with many civilians killed; the United States government quickly created the Superhuman Registration Act in response. This act forced those with superhuman powers who act as vigilantes to register their identity with the government and undergo evaluation and training. Iron Man sided with the SRA, but Captain America fought against it, believing the law to be unconstitutional; thus, battle lines were drawn and the First Civil War began (with Carol Danvers on the pro-recording side).

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In Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #4, written by Tim Seeley with art by Jodi Nishijima, the many variants of Gwen Stacy meet their seventh version: Captain Marvel, otherwise known as Gwen Jones. A gruesome encounter with the Gwen Stacy variant of Nighthawk (Marvel’s Batman) results in a massive power overload; Captain Marvel can no longer control her Nega-Bands and takes flight to avoid civilian casualties. Unfortunately, she is too late; the explosion destroys large parts of New York and Gwen Stacy (the ghost spider) sees the fallout through the timestream: “A population that blames their beloved hero for the attack…the government passes the Marvel Laws to stop other super-powered heroes.”

Spider-Gwen Captain Marvel Laws of Civil War

The Fallout Caused By Captain Marvel Is Arguably Even Worse Than The Original Civil war an event; the government introduces Sentinels to supplant their overstretched police forces. But much like the fight with the New Warriors, it wasn’t entirely Captain Marvel’s fault. It was a combination of the Supreme Intelligence and a Nighthawk under the influence of the Green Goblin. Unfortunately, this world – much like the 616 universe – has most likely turned on Captain Marvel through her previous actions. Even though it’s an alternate universe, Captain Marvel still causes huge problems for the civilians and superheroes living there. It seems his reputation is the most dangerous thing about him, for better or for worse.

This Captain Marvel sacrificed herself to save countless lives – but will instead be remembered as a villain and a catalyst for a civil war.

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