Cat owner shot dead by airgun in northeast village talks about shock


The owner of a one-year-old cat who was hit by an airgun in a village in Aberdeenshire has spoken of her family’s shock after realizing what had happened.

The Dundas family cat, Nox, disappeared from their home in Logie Coldstone on Monday and was only seen when he showed up at the door unexpectedly late Thursday night.

The pleasure at his return turned to confusion when Nox refused to eat his food and hissed in pain when stroked.

Eldest daughter Kirsty, who is a vet nurse student, sensed something was wrong.

Nox the one year old cat. Photo by Pauline Dundas

Mum Pauline Dundas said: “She thought he had ticks, but when she took a closer look he had small wounds with blood around them, so she had to shave him and she found 14 small ones. injuries.

“At first we couldn’t figure out what it was, then my husband said it looked like he had been shot.

“And we thought, my God, we better get it checked out before any more damage happened.

“Kirsty contacted her vets office, they saw him the next morning and x-rayed him, and he had 20 lozenges in it.”

She added: “You can’t really believe it happened, and that he managed to go back and he’s still there.”

In emergency surgery on Saturday morning, vets managed to remove two pellets, but the rest had penetrated too far to be reached.

X-ray of Nox following the air gun attack. Photo by Deeside & Kincardine Cats Protection Scotland

Nox will return to the office tomorrow, where surgeons will attempt to remove the remaining blows – including those that lodged near his spine.

Pauline, her husband Sinclair and their daughters Katie, 16, and Kirsty, 19, brought Nox to their home – which also includes two other cats, two dogs and four horses – last year.

Pauline said: “The reason we got him as a kitten is because we lost a cat last year.

“He left and he never came back, so I don’t know if the same happened to him.”

Fortunately, Nox has now started eating again and is firmly on the road to recovery.

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A shotgun pellet removed from Nox next to a 20p coin. Photo by Deeside & Kincardine Cats Protection Scotland

In a post on their Facebook page, local charity Deeside and Kincardine Cats Protection Scotland wrote: “This is unacceptable. A poor helpless animal. If anyone knows or hears anything, please contact the police or the SSPCA.

“It’s a small community so someone will probably know something and without a doubt the person responsible will not be able to keep this ‘story’ to themselves.”

The charity added that while they hoped the attack was an isolated incident and would not happen again, “it is imperative that the perpetrator who can use a shotgun on a cat receive legal justice.” .

A Scottish Police spokesperson said: ‘Officers received a report that a cat had been shot with an airgun in the Logie Coldstone area at around 11:10 am on Saturday 3 July 2021.

“Investigations into the incident are ongoing.”

Cats Protection Scotland has urged those with information to contact CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, the police on 101 or the SSPCA on 03000 999 999.

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