China responds to ‘false intelligence’ from British spy chief as war of words escalates


An angry Chinese embassy spokesperson urged the UK to “stop playing the thief’s trick shouting ‘stop the thief” “and stop what they claim to be” unfounded attacks “on China.

Referring to comments made by MI6 chief Richard Moore during an interview with BBC Radio 4, where he accused China of having set up “debt and data traps”, the embassy of China has firmly denied these claims, saying the opposite is true.

Not a single country has fallen into the so-called “debt trap” as a result of borrowing from China, according to the spokesperson, who insists the country has more philanthropic intentions: “China understands the difficulties faced by other developing countries. , and do all they can to provide assistance.

He goes on to stress that the country has “postponed the highest debt repayment among G20 members” and that these debt problems “boil down to the need for development”.

Chinese President Xi Jingping

In a fiery attack on Richard Moore, the spokesman denounces the UK for allegedly “peddling false news and false intelligence” by accusing China of “eroding the sovereignty of other countries”, through so-called “data traps”.

On the contrary, he believes that the country is the target of such acts: “The truth is that China is the main victim of cyber theft and attacks,” the spokesman said, saying the country is a staunch defender of the law. cybersecurity.

China recently launched a “Global Data Security Initiative,” with the aim of providing solutions on how to protect global data, the spokesperson said.

The data
MI6 claimed Chinese government was setting up data and debt traps

The spokesperson went on to criticize the “UK’s baseless attacks on China” on the grounds that collaboration, rather than division, is the only way to create a safe global cyber world.

Richard Moore’s accusations come amid heightened tensions over global cybersecurity. China’s influence on global data has often been mentioned by experts.

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