Confederate monument disfigured at Wichita Veterans Park


WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – A granite monument honoring Confederate soldiers at the Wichita Veterans Memorial Park has been marred by spray paint.

The Wichita Eagle reports that someone painted the word “Confederate” in the phrase “In Honor of All Confederate Veterans of the Inter-State War 1861-1865”. The words courage, dedication and military duty, which referred to Confederate troops, were also covered in paint.

The memorial is part of a collection of city monuments that honor troops from each branch of service and six wars and military actions. The Civil War monument, called the Memorial of Reconciliation, is a four-sided granite obelisk, with two sides honoring Confederate troops and two sides honoring Union soldiers.

It was inaugurated in 2016, a year after a Confederate battle flag was removed from an exhibit at the Veterans Park. The flag features historical and foreign banners depicting the stages of the formation of the United States.

The Confederate flag was removed in 2015 after a church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, in which a white supremacist gunned down nine black members of a Bible study group.

The obelisk memorial was ordered as a compromise to calm the controversy between supporters and opponents of the Confederate flag.

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