Daredevil is behind Marvel’s next Civil War


A new glimpse of Daredevil # 36 sees the Fearless Man finally released from prison, though he may have sparked the next civil war in New York City.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Daredevil # 36

In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ daredevil, the man without fear is at the origin of the neighbor Civil war now that he’s finally out of jail. While Matt Murdock has done a lot of good behind bars, exposing corruption and ultimately saving the city, it looks like he’s prompted a surge in anti-superhero sentiments, which will most likely lead to the next one. The reign of the devil Event.

Having received a conviction nearly a year ago for manslaughter, Daredevil voluntarily went to justice, wanting to get the message across that even heroes are not above the law. However, Matt Murdock quickly became disillusioned with the idea given the corruption of the prison system, prompting him to strike a deal to expose the institution’s illicit transactions in exchange for a reduced sentence. Additionally, his loss to Bullseye, which put the whole of New York City under lockdown, saw Daredevil regain the trust of his fellow heroes. However, it still sparked a new public discourse that could spell disaster for New York’s superhero community.


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Now the new preview for Daredevil # 36 of Chip Zdarsky, Manuel Garcia and Marco Checchetto reveals that the other heroes of Murdock will fight for their friend and ally, calling for his release after all the good he has done. However, Matt Murdock once again surrenders to the authorities to complete his sentence. Regardless, it seems the public is still asking the question in light of Daredevil’s eventual exit: “Do superheroes believe themselves above the law?” Therefore, it seems likely that Mayor Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) will take advantage of the growing unrest in The reign of the devil, creating a whole new Civil war where New York’s heroes are this time united against the city’s corrupt rulers and the citizens Fisk is likely to influence. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the next issue:






  • DAREDEVIL # 36
  • (F) Chip Zdarsky
  • (A) Manuel Garcia
  • (CA) Marco Checchetto
  • After a romance that has blossomed over the past two years in DAREDEVIL, MAYOR WILSON FISK and TYPHOID MARY are set to tie the knot! But in a way that truly befits The House of Ideas, calamity is just around the corner for the happy couple! But what sort of terrible discovery could be so monumental that it derailed the most powerful man on New York’s special day?
  • The answer is in this oversized special issue – if you don’t get another issue of DAREDEVIL this year, YOU MUST GET THIS ONE!

While the synopsis may focus on Fisk and Typhoid Mary’s upcoming wedding, teasers for Reign of the devil revealed that the Kingpin will ban superhero self-defense in New York City after leaking all the dark secrets he has collected about Daredevil and his allies, most likely to get the public on his side. Combined with the turmoil they are already displaying in this preview, it shouldn’t be difficult for public opinion to turn in Fisk’s favor.

Despite Daredevil’s best efforts to prove otherwise, it seems New York is starting to believe that its heroes see themselves above them and the law, making them irresponsible for their actions. Now it will be up to Man Without Fear and his fellow heroes to prove themselves as Fisk forges his own Civil war with The reign of the devil. Full Daredevil # 36 comes out on December 1st.

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