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Company Director of the Operational Environment, G2, shares the world of Decisive Action Training Environment as the Army’s official training environment designed to enable readiness for major challenges related to stimulus threats and advanced and persistent threats for all operational environments.
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The Decisive Action Training Environment World is the official training environment of the United States Army, designed to enable preparation for the major challenges of stimulus threats and advanced and persistent threats for all operational environments. It provides the Army training community with a singular, unified and scalable training environment that facilitates training in live, virtual and constructive events. DATE World provides realistic, stimulating and dynamic training.

DATE World provides training for all essential military tasks. The environment is complete and offers OE conditions through the Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical Environment and Time variables. Enemy forces can be programmed to achieve specific training goals allowing army units to truly test themselves against nearby threats and challengers. These trainings provide insight through highly intelligent training, which is key to major military modernization efforts through DOTMLPF, and can be completed in dynamic operational environments.

Each OE condition and adversary programmed in DATE World is informed and validated by OE conditions and adversaries validated by the intelligence community. It provides the military with a detailed description of conditions in several regions of the world: Africa, the Caucasus, Europe and the Pacific. The training environment also includes all of the potential groups and countries that Army forces may face depending on the modernization efforts, capabilities, and strategic intent of our real-world adversaries.

A fully competent and ready force requires available and congruent training opportunities at all levels. DATE World’s flexible design provides trainers with a tool to aid in the construction of large-scale scenarios for a variety of United States Army Joint and Multinational Force training events (Active Army, Army National Guard and army reserve). DATE World can be adjusted and scaled to suit any training need.

The threat landscape in which the Army competes is complex and constantly changing. DATE World’s sophisticated structure captures these dynamic elements to such an extent that it is the norm in the Professional Military Education (PME) and Army training community to test and prepare our formations to operate in unforeseen environments. . Currently, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have adopted DATE World to strengthen interoperability and advance partnerships.

Much like the validation of the intelligence community, TRADOC G-2 is a key promoter for DATE World to remain the monumental training tool that it is. It provides map and geospatial support and updates for all users, ensuring that the DATE World training environment and related offerings keep pace with user needs to replicate the real world environment.

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