DC League of Super-Pets Revealed Lulu Is Lex Luthor’s Ultimate Weapon


In the annals of DC history, Lex Luthor has tried time and again to break not just Superman, but the Justice League as well. He unleashed a plethora of weapons in the cartoons, like his green robotic suit, and in the comics he worked with Perpetua to bring disaster to the DC Universe. Of course, his main tool in live-action movies has been kryptonite, as well as Doomsday in the SnyderVerse. However, Lex has always been below the mark. But come on DC League of Super Petsthe evil genius conducted an experiment that produced the ultimate weapon, with the villain not even realizing the powerful being he introduced into creation: Lulu.

Who is Lulu in DC League of Super-Pets?

Lulu was a cute guinea pig in the shelter where Ace (the Bat-Hound), Chip the squirrel, PB the pig, and Merton the turtle were staying. DC League of Super Petsopening act. As they tried to figure out how to escape to a farmhouse, Lulu made some weird speeches about world domination. The others ignored her, but the tag on her confirmed there was more to her ambitions, as she was from LexCorp.

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In flashbacks, it was revealed that she was one of several guinea pigs that Lex was experimenting on. She lost all her hair, due to experiments on red kryptonite, purple kryptonite then enhancing her intelligence. Lex, however, didn’t fully understand what she was, despite being his helper. In time, Krypto and Superman would blow up the lab, leading to Lulu being thrown into the shelter. This broke her because not only did she consider Lex a mentor, but she had a crush on him.

How did Lulu get super animal powers?

In DC League of Super Pets, Lulu stole materials from unassuming patrons at the shelter, gathering items to create a gravity ray. When Superman and Krypto launched Lex’s orange kryptonite meteor into orbit, it caught a piece with its ray. Lulu then activated the mineral, which gave her godlike powers, such as flight and telekinesis, which scared the others.

She set the lab on fire but took Whiskers (a cute cat) with her, reminding them that everyone loves cats. Lulu’s main goal was to take down Superman, Krypto, and the Justice League, getting revenge for all the times they outwitted Lex. She also planned to break Lex out of jail after being canned for the meteorite fiasco to show him what his protege had done on his behalf.

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What was Lulu’s big plan in Super-Pets?

Lulu first took on Superman, using green kryptonite to weaken him and kidnap him. She also slipped a piece into Krypto’s snack near the start of DC League of Super Pets, stripping him of his powers so he can experience the pain of having no owner. Lulu then used the Orange Kryptonite to power up her fellow Guinea Pigs and Whiskers to create an army. When the Legion wreaked havoc, the League came to save the day, but they underestimated the animals and were shot.

Flash’s feet were frozen in cement and he was placed in a cell containing a hamster wheel; Cyborg’s battery was removed and he was put into airplane mode; Aquaman’s waves were frozen, allowing creatures to knock him out. As for Keanu Reeves’ Batman and Wonder Woman, they were invaded and overpowered, causing Lulu to lock everyone down.

With Superman in a cell of green kryptonite as well, they were sitting ducks, allowing Lulu to create a rocket atop Lex’s tower that would blast them into space and blow them up. The piece de resistance was when she brought Lex out, leaving him in awe of the mastermind he inadvertently created. However, as he saw her cradling a piece of Superman’s cape, he quickly grew green with envy as she realized what he couldn’t do in days.

DC League of Super-Pets is in theaters now.


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