Deathloop: you can get the best weapon in the game early on | here’s how


The best weapon of Death loop doesn’t look that great when you first watch it – but after playing the game for over 30 hours I can confidently say it’s the best most useful gun in the game. It’s a simple LIMP-10 SMG variant, but you can grab it during the opening tutorial if you know where to look. Add a few weapon upgrades to increase accuracy and damage over distance, then equip the Nexus Slab ability. With Nexus and this gun, you can easily clean entire rooms of enemies without setting off an alarm.

The LIMP-10 SMG variant has the super rare Suppressor trait. The trait description states that the weapon makes less noise, which seriously buries this weapon’s power. The gun is almost completely silent. It makes so much noise with the nail gun! Enemies won’t hear it, even if you open fire in automatic mode. You don’t even have to get shot in the head. You can easily grab two of them and unleash a torrent of completely silent bullets at your hips. You can take out baddies without attracting attention, making it the most useful stealth weapon in the whole game. This gun makes the nail gun completely useless. This is the only handgun you need.

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How To Get The Best Stealth Gun | LIMP-10 locator guide removed

To get the LIMP-10 deleted, travel to The complex at any time. Go to Egor Labs (called Serling Labs) and enter the apartment on the second floor. Use Shift to cross the laser grid, or just break the glass. If you’re quick, you can grab the cannon or deactivate the turret by removing the battery.

  • LIMP-10 location removed: The weapon is on the table in Egor’s personal room at Serling Labs. Find him to the right of his bed.
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To deactivate the security system, enter the apartment (second floor) and go through the hole. There is a switch next to the power console.

The LIMP-10 deleted is completely silent, like the nail gun, but can be fired automatically. Give him accuracy buffs and damage across the range to get easy headshots. Combine with Link (give Nexus the Influence upgrade to extend the effect to anyone nearby, allowing you to easily take out entire mobs of enemies) and you will become a perfect stealth assassin. It is not the most powerful weapon in the game, but it is it that has the most use. You can shoot fully automatic in shootouts and not attract the attention of nearby enemies.

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