Did FG shut down UNN’s chemical engineering department because of its role during the civil war?


A viral article circulated on social media platforms and news sites claims that the federal government has shut down the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) due to its role during the civil war.

The publication, which has been circulating for a long time, can be read here, here and here.

One of the articles, written by a certain Kamso Nweke, is titled “Why the Nigerian government is shutting down the UNN chemical engineering department”.

The article alleged that the Nigerian government shut down the department because it launched several inventions such as bombs and other weapons used by Biafran soldiers during the civil war that ran from 1967 to 1970.

The war is said to have killed more than two million people and left many displaced.

“Have you ever wondered why the University of Nigeria Nsukka doesn’t offer chemical engineering courses? Here is the reason ”, we read in part in the article.

“This university now known as UNN saw its chemical engineering department closed permanently after the war due to the level of research, development and inventions it generated for the soldiers of Biafra.

“If you’ve wondered why UNN doesn’t offer chemical engineering courses, know that the federal government of Nigeria has shut down the department for fear of the Igbo man’s devastating knowledge base.”

Although the author of the post did not provide any verifiable facts to support his claim, the post continued to enjoy considerable engagement online as it is often cited by social media users when commenting. the subject.

“I stumbled across this, and it said that’s why chemical engineering isn’t studied at UNN. I’m drained! Imagine the advancement that could have happened!” One Twitter user wrote , who shared the article.

Another Twitter, which also shared the article, wrote: “Reason why chemical engineering is not studied at UNN. These people have hurt us by not promoting our history in school.


TheCable’s findings showed that there is no evidence that the federal government shut down the department for allegedly producing bombs and other ammunition for soldiers during the war, as the publication claims.

The Faculty of Engineering at UNN currently has six departments namely – agricultural and bioresource engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering as well as metallurgical and materials engineering.

Since no university can function effectively during a war, activities were suspended at UNN during the civil war, forcing many departments to close. For example, mechanical engineering has been to close during the period.

Contacted by TheCable, Emeka Simon Obe, the dean of the engineering faculty, denied the request. He described such a tale as a myth that has been misinterpreted as fact over the years.

Obe said the faculty did indeed have a chemical engineering department in the past, but that it ceased to exist in the 1980s because its “main players” left Nigeria in search of greener pastures.

The development, he said, made it impossible for the institution to maintain the program at the time. The Dean, however, said efforts are currently underway to restart the program.

“This is not true. We don’t have a chemical engineering department at the moment but we are trying to create one. We had one before, but the chemical engineering department collapsed in the 1980s – not even during the war – because the main players in the faculty then left, ”said the dean.

“At that time the country was very difficult, so those who ran it left Nigeria for greener pastures abroad and therefore it was no longer possible to manage the program.

“People have this myth that it was because UNN was used during the Nigerian Civil War that they shut down the department, but that’s not true. There is no recording to show it. Anyone who says this should provide a record to prove it. “

Also speaking, Okwun Omeaku, the university’s public relations officer (PRO), described the claim as a “social media report.”

“I don’t know if there are facts somewhere. I don’t know if the federal government has closed somewhere or not. I don’t know where you got this information from, ”he told TheCable.

“I am not aware of this. I do not react to reports on social media. I don’t take questions and answers on social media posts.

VERDICT: The claim that the government has shut down the UNN chemical engineering department is misleading as there is no supporting evidence. The story can be described as false.

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