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Over the past two months, I have read two articles by different writers who have questioned the capabilities of our nation’s political leaders. The first article was written by Dr. Greg Ganske, a retired surgeon who represented Iowa for four terms in the United States House of Representatives.

Ganske recalled a memory of March 1997, when he and his wife attended a bipartisan retreat for families in Hershey, Pa., When a Pulitzer Prize-winning author gave a speech on respect and decency. He said the participants ate together, shared stories and got to know members of the opposing political party better. Ganske and his wife were joined at their table for lunch that day by Senator Joe Biden and his wife, Jill. Ganske said he and his wife had a good time getting to know each other, and said Biden was “witty and charming,” with no stuttering or incomplete thoughts. At that time, Biden was 54 years old; he is now 78 and Ganske has expressed concern about Biden’s current mental capacities.

Ganske gave several examples of Biden’s words during the election campaign and since the election. During the campaign, Biden said, “I think we can win the House back” when it was already in Democratic hands. Super Tuesday has become Super Thursday. He forgot the words of the Declaration of Independence, saying, “We take these truths for granted. All men and women are created by the, you know, you know it. He incorrectly indicated for which position he was running: “My name is Joe Biden. I am the Democratic candidate for the Senate. He was repeatedly confused as to his condition and called his son the United States Attorney General.

In Iowa, Biden confronted voters, calling them “damn liars” and threatening them with a push-up contest. Cory Booker told CNN that many people were concerned about Biden’s ability to “carry the ball across the baseline without fumbling.” Biden then replied to a reporter, “What health issues, man? Do you want to fight? Since the election, in an interview with CNN, he said, “Uh, you know, there was, uh, during WWII, uh you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing, which uh, you know, was totally different from a, that the, he called it, you know, WWII, he had the War Production Board. In March, he forgot the name of his Defense Secretary at a White House event, calling the Pentagon chief, “the guy who runs this team over there.” Ganske commented that in recent interviews, Biden appears to read directly from a teleprompter, including reciting written instructions from his staff such as “END QUOTE.”

Ganske concludes by saying that Biden should undergo cognitive mental testing and the result should be made public. “If he succeeds, as Trump did, it will provide relief to many who are worried about a critically important miscalculation by the most powerful person in the world. If he doesn’t, he should resign.

The other article I read was from Charles CW Cooke, editor for National Review. He began by saying that if the Democratic Party gets what it wants, the federal government will have allowed almost one and a half times more spending in the first eight months of Joe Biden’s presidency than he did. spent throughout the year 2019. Under the leadership of the presidents of both parties. , this country has ended a colossal anti-Covid-19 spending spree that has totaled more than $ 5,000 billion. Government debt, which is higher than it has ever been since World War II, is now greater than that of the entire U.S. economy.

If Congress did nothing before the end of this year, that debt would increase by another $ 3 trillion (equivalent to 13% of the entire economy.) Biden came to the White House with the explicit promise that he would return to sobriety. in Washington. “So far, alas, his response to unwelcome information has been to stick his fingers in his ears, change the subject, or reiterate his original promise as if it were a rebuttal.” Asked recently about inflation, Biden said “the stock market is higher than it has been in all of history” and urged lawmakers to pass his spending plans.

Then he called his huge program an anti-inflationary measure that would serve as “a force for lower prices.” If your main concern right now is inflation, you should be even more excited about this plan, ”Biden said. “We cannot afford not to make these investments.

Cooke described the Democrats’ push as being intellectually upside down from the start. As soon as the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill was passed in March, the Democratic Party announced that it would next review “infrastructure” – and having decided that, it then began to search. things to spend money on. Soon after, pretty much everything Democrats ever wanted to do became “infrastructure.”

The president’s plan is now being sold as a magic inflation-fighting machine, which is expected to include immigration reform, universal kindergarten and Medicare expansion, all of which have been cynically placed under the aegis of “must-have investments” and sold to the American public with a happy speech on road repair.

Cooke concludes that the public should take a close look at the contents of the Democrats’ bill, consider the dire financial situation we find ourselves in, and insist that, for once, the major players in Washington, DC must take the lead. best measures available to them: do nothing.

Kay Disch of Sioux Center is a former staff member of Sioux Center News.


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