Disney account toast fans of its own Star Wars movies, then deleted the tweet


When a social media meme takes off, it’s not uncommon to see popular brand accounts trying to keep up with the trend. Some branded accounts, like Wendy’s and Universal Orlando Resort have built a reputation and a solid list of followers, to do that. But you rarely see Disney trying to get in on the action. Now, we may have started to see why, as a recent attempt to use the ‘red flags’ meme didn’t work out well.

Of the dozens of social media accounts in question managed by Disney, the one we are dealing with here is the Latin America Disney + Account. A few days ago he released the statement (in Spanish) that “The final Star wars the trilogy is the best ”, followed by a series of red flags. The implication being that if you hear someone say this you should be wary of them as there is clearly something wrong. Someone didn’t think it was funny, as the tweet has now been deleted from the timeline.

It is certainly a little weird joke to make. Yes, it will definitely trigger some people. Every movie is someone’s favorite and with that, there are definitely people out there who think the most recent trilogy was really good, if not great. But what makes it even stranger for a Disney account to think of such a tweet is that the most recent trilogy is the only one of three produced by Disney.

Maybe there was a feeling that choose the new trilogy Disney might be considered self-deprecating, which isn’t a bad idea at first glance, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. The prequel trilogy is one that tends to get all the flack, even from the fans, so it feels like there was a safer way to make this joke, laughing part of the franchise, even most fans are okay with a laugh, but maybe it could have been seen as an unnecessary blow at George Lucas.

We’re starting to see here that social media can be a minefield, which is part of the reason why many brand accounts don’t try to wade through these waters, and Disney is usually one of those who don’t. not. Most Disney accounts stick to providing information within their sphere, and on occasion where they might attempt to have a little fun, it’s always in the interest of promoting something.

There was another Disney account that decided to dive headlong into the “red flag” meme itself, the account for Walt Disney World, which surprised many who follow the account, as it usually doesn’t, but it still chose a safe way to do it

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It’s possible that this is the start of something and Disney’s social media accounts are going to start trying to get more attention by engaging with followers a bit more. It’s also possible that this recent lesson has shown that this might not really be a good idea.

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