Dread Hunger: Best and Worst Weapons


The gaming community has always viewed game franchises as resident Evil and The Evil Within be the perfect examples of survival horror games. But the world of survival horror games has continued to evolve into new and unusual themes beyond the common trope of post-apocalyptic survival. One indie game developer that has created a distinctive theme in the survival genre is the Dread Hunger Team, who developed The terrible hunger.

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In The terrible hunger, players must survive and complete a deadly journey alongside eight other players. But, in addition to managing hunger and other survivability stats, players must avoid being killed by the Thrall, a player-controlled disguised character whose main objective is to eliminate other players and survive. to travel. Luckily, players can access several weapons to help them on their journey, but only some of them will be effective in fending off the Thrall.


9 Telescope

  • Melee damage: 10

  • Damage Thrown: 30

As players might expect, the Spyglass is the worst weapon in The terrible hunger for use against Thralls, players, and other deadly monstrosities like cannibals (unique Thrall power). The Spyglass has a hit speed of 0.9 seconds and deals 10 damage when swung or 30 if thrown. Of course, players should avoid casting the Spyglass unless there is no other option.

But players who opt for this particular weapon will be happy to know that it also has a set of abilities. By interacting with it, players will see through the spyglass and can check a player’s current health (Healthy – Full HP, Wounded – Over 50 HPand Severely Wounded – Less than 50 HP).

8 meat cleaver

  • Melee damage: 10

  • Damage Thrown: 30

Even though the Meat Cleaver may seem like a powerful weapon to use in The terrible hunger, it doesn’t, because it has the same damage values ​​as the Spyglass. The only significant difference between the previous weapon and the Meat Cleaver is that its hit speed is 0.7, a bit faster than the Spyglass.

But, much like the Spyglass, the Meat Cleaver has a somewhat cynical secondary use that can come in handy when the going gets tough. And that’s because it’s the perfect tool for cutting off body parts for food on the long journey. As die-hard fans know, there may be a time when players don’t have access to food, so they’ll have to do the unthinkable.

seven Shovel

The shovel is a decent weapon in The terrible hunger as players can also use it to dig up specific “dig points” containing valuable items and weapons. It has a hit speed of 1.1 but does 15 damage, meaning it will make quick work of any cannibal.

In terms of usability, the shovel can dig up safes which contain materials for crafting and corpses of captains which can produce bone clubs, coal, laudanum, bone charms, flintlock pistol or a sword. If players want to increase their chance of acquiring valuable items, they will need to use the Chaplain class as it increases the chance of loot.

6 ice ax

  • Melee damage: 14

  • Damage Thrown: 30

Although it has less damage than the previous entry, the Ice Ax can be thrown, making it more effective at taking out Cannibals, Thralls, or players. On top of that, players can use the ice ax to scale blue ice walls, which usually leads to valuable loot.

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Climbing walls are also useful for escaping certain dangers like cannibals or polar bears, both of which can end a player’s life in an instant. No class starts with Ice Axe, so players should keep their eyes peeled for safes as they may contain one.

5 wooden ax

  • Melee damage: 16

  • Damage Thrown: 30

The wooden ax is the starting weapon of the engineer class and is the second most powerful melee weapon in The terrible hunger. It has a base swing damage of 16 and a hit speed of 1.1. Players can also use the wooden ax to chop down wood to place in the ship’s furnace.

Additionally, players can use the sticks they obtain by chopping wood to create barrels and then craft a powder keg. But using a powder keg is quite dangerous, so survival fans should avoid lighting it on the ship.

4 Saber

  • Melee damage: 18 (11 if broken)

  • Damage Thrown: 30

Without a doubt, the Saber is the most powerful melee weapon in The terrible hunger as it can deal 18 damage (plus 30 when cast). He also has the ability to sever limbs and heads, which can be useful when fighting a Thrall. But, with all that great power comes durability, which means this weapon can break.

Players can repair the Saber while it still has durability, but once broken it cannot be repaired and only deals 11 damage per hit. Thus, players should choose their fights carefully and avoid overusing this weapon until further into the journey.

3 Bow

The last weapon to add to The terrible hunger was the bow, and since then it has proven to be an effective tool for hunting animals and gamers when necessary. Players must reload each shot, but as long as the player maintains the aiming animation, they will reload fairly quickly.

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Another reason why the bow deserves to be ranked high in this The terrible hunger The tier list is that players can easily craft the ammo (arrows). But, of course, players should avoid using the bow to fight hordes of cannibals as they might get overwhelmed.

2 flintlock pistol

In a world with so many melee weapons, guns dominate nearly every aspect of combat. The Flintlock can shoot any Cannibal, Player, or Thrall (unless they have various totems installed). But the Flintlock Pistol is best fired at close range, as the bullets have a medium drop, which means the farther the shot, the less damage it will do.

Also, the flintlock pistol has medium durability and cannot be repaired once broken. Players should also be aware that there is a slight chance of a miss and injury to the player. Nonetheless, this weapon outperforms all previous entries due to its high damage.

1 Musket

Without a doubt, the musket is the best weapon in The terrible hunger as it has the highest damage output in the game. The Musket is also a long-range weapon, which means players can “shoot” other players or cannibals without being seen. After six shots, the musket will be unusable and will need to be taken to a workbench for repair.

The biggest downside to using the musket is finding enough ammo to keep using it. This is why players should always loot any Captain Corpse or Strong Box, as they may have ammo.

The terrible hunger is now available for PC.

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