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Jean-Claude Van Damme and Peter Malota did a lot of fight scenes together – we take a peek every time they clashed on screen.

The king of martial arts of Belgium Jean Claude Van Damme has fought many excellent martial artists on screen, and one of his most memorable opponents has been Pierre Malota, the two having several fight scenes together. Van Damme first broke in 1988 with the film Martial Arts Tournament Blood sport, which launched his career in action films. Van Damme would amaze audiences the world over with his kicking skills and famed flexibility throughout his career.

Born in Albania, Peter Malota is himself a highly skilled martial artist and has worked extensively in stunts and stunt coordination, as well as teaching martial arts. Malota will eventually move on to directing with 2017 action flick Kill them all, featuring Van Damme and Daniel Bernhardt, leader of the Blood sport sequelae. Malota’s kicking skills from his years in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido were put to good use whenever he had the chance to be in front of the camera, and this often involved fight scenes with Van Damme. .


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Although Malota is not a household name, his skills as a martial artist have never failed to impress whenever he appeared on screen. His fight scenes with Van Damme have also always been excellent, with both men’s skills being used to the fullest. Here are all the Van Damme vs. Peter Malota fight scenes.

Double impact

Photo of double impact henchman

The first Van Damme fight against Malota took place in the years 1991 Double impact, in which the audience got two Van Damme for the price of one with twin brothers Chad and Alex Wagner, the first of several films where Van Damme had a twin. When the two brothers arrive to save Alex’s kidnapped girlfriend Danielle (Alonna Shaw) and Chad’s adopted uncle (Geoffrey Lewis), Alex runs into a formidable henchman, played by Malota. Pulling on a pair of rammed cowboy boots, Malota uses his batting skills against Alex, but Chad’s twin brother refuses to let his nemesis get the better of him.

The quest

Van Damme made his directorial debut with 1996’s The quest, in which he portrays Christopher Dubois, who participates in a secret international martial arts tournament in 1925. With a wide assortment of martial artists competing, Malota emerges as the Spanish fighter, who wins the tournament’s first match against an opponent Russian. Chris then faces the Spanish fighter in the tournament, and Malota can really show off the power and grace of his batting skills, although Chris ultimately comes out victorious in the match.


Van Damme and Peter Malota in The Order pic

the years 2002 Order Van Damme re-team with Blood sport scribe Sheldon Lettich, and is essentially Van Damme’s version of a Indiana Jones movie. In Order, Muscles of Brussels portrays artifact smuggler Rudy Cafmeyer, who travels to Jerusalem to save his kidnapped father. Rudy finds himself in a battle with the fringe of an underground religious sect, seeking to plant a bomb under the Temple Mount during Ramadan in order to start World War III. Peter Malota is also in Order as one of the executioners of the Amnon sect, and he and Van Damme clash not once but twice in the film, first when Rudy arrives to find his father in Jerusalem, the two exchange kicks in a water fountain. They later cross paths again in the film’s underground climax, with Van Damme and Malota dodging each other’s kicks in arguably the best of times. Jean Claude Van Dammemartial arts fights with Pierre Malota.

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