Every Season 4 Meta Weapon Loadout


If you’re looking for a new meta gun in Warzone Season 4, here’s the full list of viable weapons, along with the best loadouts.

Warzone has a new meta to explore, and you’ll need to tweak those Season 3 Reloaded loadouts.

This time around, there have been some major weapon changes to the best guns in Warzone, and a few new faces have entered the meta.

However, Warzone’s most dominant weapon inadvertently received a buff in the last patch, and it’s now better than ever.

Warzone Rebirth Island

That said, it looks like the nerfs are already on their way to the Season 4 meta!

Whether you’re playing Caldera, Rebirth Island, or Fortune’s Keep, here’s every meta weapon loadout you need to use in Warzone Season 4.

If the weapon of your choice does not appear in the following list, there is a good chance that it will not be meta in Warzone Season 4!

assault rifles




As you might see, Vanguard weapons are massively overpowered in Warzone Season 4. But there are still at least a few non-WWII weapons that are viable in the meta.

And be sure to use each of these powerful guns with the best perks for Warzone Season 4 as well. You’ll want to make sure your class is as strong as possible when you get into Battle Royale this season.

Found a weapon that belongs to the meta list war zone weapons? Let us know what you think we’re missing in the comments section below:


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