Every weapon in Razor’s Edge, ranked


Fans of Ninja gaiden can watch Ninja Gaiden’s Edge as an improved port of Ninja Gaiden 3. And die-hard fans of Ninja gaiden today’s series can get the Master collection released this 2021 to finally replay Ryu Hayabusa’s fight against a curse conferred by the mysterious Regent of the Mask.

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Although this is a 2013 game, Razor’s edge remains a successful entry in the series. Aside from its apocalyptic cliffhanger, Razor’s edge features immense action that capitalizes on Ryu’s shinobi skills. Being a ninja of the Dragon Clan, Ryu can use a wide range of weapons to take down his opponents with deadly combos. As with any weaponry, some weapons remain essential because of their drastic combat advantage.

8 Double Katana: Dragon Claw, Tiger Fang

Ryu with Archdemon's Blade and Jinran Maru

Although simple in appearance, this pair of Dual Katana that Ryu uses are blades forged by the famous Miyamoto Musashi himself. Being Musashi swords, the Dragon’s Claw and Tiger’s Fang come with incredible craftsmanship allowing Ryu to unleash some of the fastest attacks in the game.

Benefits : The double Katanas run the speed department. Their range and wide AOE make them excellent crowd control weapons and are suitable for almost any circumstance.

Disadvantages: Despite their speed, some combos in their toolbox can be rather slow. Some finishers also leave Ryu open to counterattacks.

7 Dual Katana: Blade of the Archdemon, Jinran-Maru

Ryu with dragon claw and tiger fang

Wielded by Genshin of the Black Spider Clan itself, the Archfiend’s Blade is the evil counterpart to Ryu’s Dragon Sword. While this is a powerful blade in its own right, using the Archdemon’s blade will combine it with the Jinran-Maru to form its own pair of Dual Katana. As with his Sigma 2 As a counterpart, this pair has incredible attack power and speed.

Benefits : Unlike the regular Dual Katana, this particular pairing offers higher damage and higher attack speed.

Disadvantages: Despite its speed, this pair of Dual Katana retains a limited range of motion like the typical Dual Katana.

6 Jinran-Maru

The Jinran Maru

Similar to the dragon sword, the Jinran-Maru has the appearance of a traditional katana. Due to the name, it is implied that the Jinran-Maru – which means Rapid Storm – has a connection to winds or storms. When used in conjunction with the Archdemon’s Blade, the Tandem Ultimate shows the Jinran-Maru unleashing strong winds towards the opponent. As a unique weapon, the Jinran-Maru serves as a second level enhancement to the regular katana.

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Benefits : Due to its mid-level weapon nature, the Jinran-Maru has many effective combos that can support Ryu for most levels. He’s extremely balanced, giving Ryu plenty of mobility and defensive options with his toolbox.

Disadvantages: Being a katana, the Jinran-Maru suffers from its rather poor reach. It can’t stun large enemies often, and it’s not as powerful as other endgame weapons.

5 Kusari-Gama

Ryu using the Kusarigama

Of all the weapons in the game, perhaps the Kusari-Gama is the closest equivalent to an iconic shinobi weapon – with the exception of the rather simple Shuriken. In ancient times, the Kusari-Gama became the farmer’s answer in a Japan with restricted weapon policies, combining the farmer’s sickle with an iron weight. For shinobi with weapons training, a Kusari-Gama can become an extremely powerful weapon in combat.

Benefits : The Kusari-Gama is easily the weapon with the greatest range to game. He’s fast enough that he can handle entire gangs of opponents at once, which makes him ideal for crowds.

Disadvantages: Despite its range potential, the Kusari-Gama doesn’t have as much attack power. He doesn’t have enough stun against larger enemies, and many of his attacks are quite slow, leaving Ryu exposed to attack quite often.

4 Moon staff

The moon staff

If Ryu isn’t in the mood to slice his opponents, then maybe pulverizing them could work. The Lunar Staff, despite its rather simple appearance, is the perfect ranged weapon for Ryu to tear apart bands of opponents with the overwhelming power of punches and punches. Aside from the weighted portion of the Kusari-Gama, the Moon Staff is the only other weapon in Ryu’s arsenal in the game that can crush opponents.

Benefits : The Lunar Staff is a weapon with incredible range, capable of hitting multiple opponents even from afar. As such, the Moon Staff easily becomes a reliable crowd control weapon. His toolbox gives Ryu multiple opportunities to stun, making him a complete weapon for almost any situation.

Disadvantages: Despite its usefulness, the Moon Staff is not as powerful as the other weapons in Ryu’s arsenal. Its damage is comparatively lower than that of other more powerful weapons, and it is not as versatile as other weaponry.

3 Falcon talons

Ryu using the Talons Falcons

When Ryu drops his katana, he can still rely on his martial arts to get the job done. And with the Falcon’s talons, Ryu gets a razor sharp edge in his techniques. Being a set of steel-bladed gloves and shoes, the Falcon Heels exemplify Ryu’s already incredible prowess in the martial arts. They offer one of the highest speeds in the game, making them a fan favorite among combo enthusiasts.

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Benefits : Basically, the Falcon’s Talons are extremely fast with great delimbing potential. Due to its speed, Falcon Talons can take on multiple enemies quickly. Its very accessible moveset will also pave the way for many nice combos.

Disadvantages: Due to their nature, Falcon Talons are unfortunately dependent on melee range. Since they are very dependent on attack speed, not only do they lack breaking moves, but also make them a bit dull against stronger, armored enemies.

2 Dragon sword

Ryu using the dragon sword

What better favorite katana should Ryu use than the weapon most associated with him? The Dragon Sword represents Ryu’s membership in the Hayabusa Clan, and his access to his most powerful variant of the True Dragon Sword solidifies Ryu’s place as one of the greatest shinobi to ever live. Being Ryu’s starting weapon, the Dragon Sword is arguably the most flexible of all the weapons in the game.

Benefits : An incredibly versatile weapon, the Dragon’s Sword has access to many effective combos that Ryu can use in a variety of situations. Its elemental compatibility alongside its defensive mechanics solidifies its attack / defense balance.

Disadvantages: Despite its decent damage, it has medium range. He can’t stun a lot of large targets, and some of his combos still leave Ryu open to counterattacks.

1 Eclipse scythe

Ryu using the fake Eclipse

Members of the Lycanthrope revere the Scythian Eclipse, given its creation associated with the eclipse. Despite its rather simple appearance, the fake Eclipse is created from the legendary Damascus steel, which makes it almost indestructible. Mechanically speaking, the Eclipse Scythe is right behind the True Dragon Sword in terms of combat power. Considering its large AOE, the Eclipse Scythe is perfect for pulverizing multiple enemies at once.

Benefits : The Eclipse Scythe remains one of the best weapons in the game, especially for its massive damage. Its DPS can help fight not only whole swaths of enemies, but its combos also make the Scythe formidable against bosses. In addition to its effective mid- and long-range combat, it boasts the second largest AOE in the game. Its attack power also makes it ideal for whipping enemies high in the air.

Disadvantages: Considering its size, the Eclipse Scythe is unfortunately a bit slower. Plus, its rather overwhelming damage potential could make its game less appealing than other weapons.

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