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The Expanse season 6, episode 3 ends with the Free Navy receiving a new weapon from the Ring Gate in Laconia. What is going on. and what can it be?

What emerged from the Laconian Ring Gate in the last moments of The extent season 6, episode 3? The Free Navy of Marco Inaros is currently the dominant force in The extent‘s Sol system – an achievement only possible thanks to its Season 5 alliance with the Martian rebels. In exchange for the stealthy technology stolen from the Red Planet, Marco “acquired” a sample of Protomolecule from the mutineers. The renegade Martians then fled beyond the Ring Gate to start a new life in Laconia, while Marco remained behind to occupy the Ring Gate Medina station, controlling the path between the worlds.

Since then, Laconia has remained strangely silent. The extent The Season 5 finale revealed that the rebuilding of an alien Protomolecule ship is underway, and Season 6’s Cara scenes (which have opened every episode so far) show how the colonization of Laconia is unfolding, both for scientists on the ground and soldiers in the air. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Laconia have completely cut themselves off from Sol … until now. By the final tensions of The extent season 6, episode 3 (“Force Projection”), Marco was forced to retire following his humiliating loss to Rocinante. His shame would surely be deeper if he knew that James Holden’s mercy is the reason everyone aboard the Pella is still breathing. As you might expect, however, Marco has a trump card up his sleeve. Encouraging him considerably is news that Something was delivered to Medina station through the Laconia ring gate. Marco suddenly looks a lot more cheerful, but what could this disturbing new addition to his arsenal be?


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What might Marco’s new weapon be in Scope Season 6?

Laconian weapon in the expanse

This exchange should not be interpreted as proof that Laconia will support the Free Navy in The extent the final episodes of season 6. As far as we know, Marco hasn’t sent anything back, suggesting that Laconia’s new gift is part of their original arrangement. This makes sense, given that the last remaining protomolecule sample from the Sol system was path more valuable than the Martian stealth technology received by the Free Navy. Second, this weapon was built inside Laconia, which means it’s all new for The extentthe civilized worlds of – not just more gear tucked into a dusty Martian warehouse. Whatever weapons are, part of them are alien in nature – using Protomolecule technology or constructed from otherworldly materials found on Laconia.

Marco’s video stream shows a ship emerging from the gate of the Laconia Ring, but it is likely only a form of transport for the real armed. The officer of the Free Navy declares with enthusiasm: “If this one performs as well as the others, it will be funIf Marco’s new weapon was a ship, he wouldn’t have been able to test it inside the Slow Zone, and Earth or Mars would have noticed new, advanced ships doing test flights elsewhere. The ship also bears no resemblance to the Protomolecule ships being built. the sky above Laconia, which the Martian colonists almost certainly keep to themselves. Marco’s latest toy probably isn’t a ship, but a clue can be found in the weapon’s designated codename – “RS-RG-6”. performed as “Ring Station Rail Gun No. 6.” Railguns are among the deadliest weapons seen in The extent. Did Marco take delivery of 6 weapons, specially made for his purposes by the Laconians?

What Marco’s Ring Arms Mean for Rocinante, Earth, and Mars

Keon Alexander as Marco Inaros in The Expanse

Ring Station railguns could be a major problem for the gentiles of The extent Season 6. Marco Inaros has always favored the element of surprise in combat, and the combined forces of Earth and Mars will not anticipate such firepower. All along The extent, viewers witnessed the destructive capabilities of the rail guns, and in that very episode, the Rocinante was instrumental in repelling a 3-on-1 Free Navy assault. And since Marco’s weapons would have a Laconian flavor, they probably pack a bit more oomph.

Marco Inaros arming the Medina station and the Ring Gate proves how much he values ​​the location as a strategic asset. Previously in The extent Season 6, the leader of the Free Navy spoke of prioritizing supplies in Medina over other Belter settlements such as Ceres. The Ring Gate will apparently be Marco’s base of operations, and where he will do one last fight … if necessary. But this strategy could play directly in the hands of Camina Drummer. Hedging his bets on Medina, many Belters would feel abandoned by the Free Navy, flocking to a less ruthless rival in the old Drummer.

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