Far Cry 6 Graffiti pays tribute to the director’s deceased cat


Far Cry 6 director Ted Timmins lost his cat during development, but the Ubisoft Toronto team surprised Timmins with a touching in-game tribute.

A piece of Far cry 6 The graffiti found in the game’s Yara setting is actually a touching tribute to the director’s late cat, Totoro. Ubisoft’s open-world sequel offers a vast and lush map for gamers – and resident digital creatures to explore. Far cry 6 features several pets that aid the player in battle, and wild animals can also be found around Yara as in the previous series’ entries.

Far cry 6 protagonist Dani Rojas can recruit various animal companions, known as Amigos, and they aid players in a guerrilla war against dictator Yara Anton Castillo. These friendly creatures perform a variety of functions, from carrying extra supplies to killing enemy soldiers themselves. A powerful crocodile named Guapo can be tamed, and its powerful jaws allow it to chop up any enemies that get too close. Meanwhile, a dachshund named Chorizo ​​is able to carry extra supplies and distract the enemy with his incredibly adorable face. Far cry 6 even features a chicken companion, Chicharrón, who can attack and distract enemies with his large talons.

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Far cry 6 director Tim timmins took to Twitter to reveal an emotional tribute in the game. During the development of the open world shooter, Timmins’ beloved cat Totoro tragically passed away. The Ubisoft Toronto team then surprised Timmins by immortalizing the gray and white kitten in in-game graffiti, which players can find on the streets of Yara. The artwork includes many cats dressed in military clothing and sporting weapons, depicting Totoro and his brother Yoshi. (This also works in the Spanish word for cats, “gatos.”) While Ted Timmins now works as a creative director on Call of Duty: War Zone, the developer’s lost companion leaves a permanent mark on Far cry 6 and the story of the game.

Ted Timmins’ animal companion received a touching farewell in Far cry 6, and many other creatures are given major roles in the open world shooter. Along with Amigos, most wildlife encounters also allow players to treat virtual animals with love. Sadly, some have identified an aspect of the game that glorifies animal abuse. Animal rights group PETA condemns Far cry 6The Roosters Fighting minigame, arguing that its portrayal of the hobby validates cruelty to animals. Roosters fighting gameplay turns bloodthirsty sport into a fighting game similar to Tekken Where Mortal combat, with special moves and multiple unlockable roosters to choose from.

The death of a pet is heartbreaking, especially for owners who view their pets as family, so the sudden loss of Totoro by Timmins in the midst of Far cry 6 development was probably a difficult experience. The Feline has now become an eternal part of a major AAA game, where it will appear in the lounges of other players around the world for years to come.

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Far cry 6 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and PC.

Source: Ted Timmins / Twitter

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