First 2D Metroidvania Doomblade trailer depicts a sentient weapon


The indie game scene has seen a lot of 2D action Metroidvanias over the years, to the point that some may be getting tired of seeing them. Ultimately, however, as long as these types of games continue to impress audiences and maintain a consistent bar of quality, there is no reason for independent developers to abandon the genre altogether. Just yesterday, the publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Muro Studios unveiled Blade of fate, a 2D Metroidvania with a lot of artistic flair. The first trailer that accompanied this announcement features the grim presentation and flashy gameplay of Blade of fate in all their glory.

Throughout the trailer, the voice of Doomblade’s titular weapon speaks ominously to the player character for him to use and states that they “can get strong” together. The trailer shows off the basics of environmental exploration and combat, and highlights some of the versatile abilities players will gain throughout the adventure. A tense metal trail begins to play halfway through the trailer as the player character takes down strange creatures and intimidating bosses.

The bloody revenge of a weapon

According to Steam page, Blade of fate puts players in command of Gloom Girl, “the last of the Gloomfolk” who resides “in the caves of the lowlands”. She soon stumbles upon Doomblade, a living sword “doomed to escape after aeons in chains.” Shortly after she grabbed him, they embarked on an adventure to defeat the Dread Lords who locked up the Doomblade in the first place. To do this, they must restore the lost powers of Doomblade, which reside in a series of statues scattered throughout the basement.

The trailer certainly does Blade of fate seems like a compelling game in its own right, and devoted Metroidvanias fans will likely want to keep an eye out for it. So far, the game does not have a definitive release date, as the Steam page states that the game will release “when the chains are broken”.

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