Flight of honor of October 16, 2021: Army veteran Thomas Farvour of Richfield, WI


Washington County, WI – At the age of 71, Army veteran Thomas Farvour has seen a lot in his life, but he has never witnessed the sacred land of the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial in Washington , DC Thanks to the Stars and Stripes honor flight and the support of his tutor and granddaughter, Erin Richards of Weston, WI, currently a student at UW-Stevens Point, this is exactly what he will be doing on Saturday, October 16. 2021.

Farvour enlisted in the United States Army and spent 10 years working in various MOS (Military Occupational Specialties), finishing as a Sergeant / E5. “I started out as a helicopter mechanic. I did basic training at Fort Benning and while I was in basic training I was recruited for the flight, ”said Farvour.

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Once Farvor arrives at Fort. Rucker, he learned he was color blind and was told he couldn’t continue in his current MOS. The army offered him the post of 13F, forward artillery observer, and Farvour left for Fort. Sill, OK, to practice and from there went to Vietnam and was part of an LRRPT (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Team) for 7 months.

After returning to the United States with “wounded status”, Farvour was upgraded to the rank of 71L (typist), then underwent training to change his MOS to 75B (Battalion Personnel Administrative Specialist).

Upon his release, Farvour kept one foothold in the military as a recruiting specialist and another in civilian employment as a recruiting command officer. When he finished his career in public service, Farvour began selling cars for over 20 years, including several years as a business manager for a large Wisconsin car dealership.

Since retiring, Farvour has said wryly that he has done “one fight tour at Walmart and another fight tour at Home Depot”. He spends a lot of time in his large garden where he feels he is receiving his best “therapy”.

Farvour is also an athlete, having shot his first bear at 180 pounds a few weeks ago just north of Neillsville, WI, and will soon be going pheasant hunting in South Dakota with his son and “some of the guys.”

Farvor has been married to his wife, Gloria, for 32 years; Together they have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. Farvour first met his wife at a softball banquet where they first broke up. Less than a year later, they met again in the old Washington home and “the rest is history.”

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Farvour took a moment to praise his wife’s culinary skills and talked about his slowly cooked pheasant with onions, gravy and potatoes as if it was already on the dinner table. “My wife also eats venison,” said Farvour.

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Stars and Stripes Honor Flight is the Milwaukee area hub of the Honor Flight Network. Founded in 2008, Stars and Stripes Honor Flight has flown over 7,600 WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans from Southeastern Wisconsin in one day, all expenses paid, to Washington DC

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