Former Florida kicker McPherson has become the Bengals’ key weapon


TAMPA, Fla. — Former University of Florida placekicker Evan McPherson is riding a hot streak entering Super Bowl LVI. He kicked two winners in the Cincinnati Bengals playoffs.

The fifth-round pick’s sudden fame has earned him many nicknames.

“If I had to choose, I like ‘Money Mac,'” McPherson said. “Sounds good, you might say.”

He also has an arrogant confidence.

“In my mind, there’s no way that ball wouldn’t go through the uprights,” he added.

The rookie kicker even called his shot on the sidelines in the divisional playoffs to beat the top-seeded Tennessee Titans.

“He’s giving a little warm-up swing and he said ‘looks like we’re going to the AFC Championship,'” Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow said.

McPherson, who was the only kicker drafted in 2021, is on track to break the record for most playoff field goals (14, Adam Vinatieri in 2016). McPherson is 12-12 in the Bengals’ three postseason games, including an overtime winner against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game to send Cincinnati to its first Super Bowl in 33 year.

“You’re a bit like a sniper. You have one shot and one kill. It’s really cut and dry,” McPherson said. “Either you make the kick or you miss it. Knowing how important your job is, you’re going to go out of your way to get that kick. It doesn’t matter if the crowd is a record number of decibels.

His experience kicking sold-out SEC stadiums certainly helps, but he’s focused on the process.

“All eyes are on you, you know that subconsciously right now you feel like no one is watching you,” he said.

The world will watch “Money Mac” in the Super Bowl on Sunday night.


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