Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) Political Guide


Any war needs political and economic support to keep deployed armies and navies afloat. In addition to developing plans to defeat the enemy on the ground and conquer their territory, players in Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-65) will need to adopt policies that will affect all aspects of the war effort. To help players understand the various effects of their policies, we’ve compiled this helpful guide to get you started.

Here are the five main policy areas of Grand Tactician:

– Funding
– Agriculture
– Industry
– military
– Diplomacy

Policies can be divided into two types: edicts and acts. Edicts are the primary policies players can adopt to support their war effort and players will only ever be able to have up to ten edicts active at any one time, so it is important to plan and prioritize areas of interest. individuals. In the policy screen, decrees are represented by a connecting red line.

Acts are smaller, specialized laws that can have both positive and negative effects. Unlike edicts, players can enact an unlimited number of acts into law. Acts are represented by a blue connecting line, most of which are connected to an edict that must be passed before activating it.

Here’s everything you need to know about politics in Grand Tactician: Civil War (1861-65).


The Funding Policy Tree focuses on the government’s ability to acquire money to fuel the war effort. Grand Tactician’s economic system is modeled on the basis of a debt framework, which means that the government relies on a system of credit, loans, and borrowing to pay for its policies. Most funding laws and decrees will generally affect a player’s credit rating, where the higher it is, the more the player can recruit, build, and continue the war.


Agricultural policies affect the level of subsidies that the government can provide to stimulate the growth of the agricultural sector. New farms and related enterprises will increase the overall wealth of the country, as well as the volume of commercial exports of the new enterprises. In addition, some of these policies may have diplomatic effects, such as encouraging European powers to intervene or remain neutral.


Industrial policies do the same as agricultural policies, except to sponsor the development of industry-related enterprises, such as forges, brickyards and armories. Most importantly, Industrial Edicts will unlock new types of weapons and ships, and increase their production rate, which is absolutely vital to equipping player’s armies. This is one of the simpler policy trees as there are only a few additional acts for the player to consider.


To improve recruiting and reorganize the army, players will need to invest in the military tree. Here they will find acts and decrees that increase the total number of recruits per state, as well as drafting or bonus laws if governments are particularly desperate. The most important edict of this tree is the Military II policy, which will reorganize the army and give the player additional options when composing their forces.


Next to the Industry Tree, the Diplomacy policy line is also the simplest, with barely any additional acts to activate. Contrary to its name, diplomatic edicts do not directly improve relations with European powers and instead unlock the possibility of importing various exotic weapons to increase domestic production. Diplomatic policies open up the possibility of more government subsidies which inevitably lead to better relations with Europe.

The right mix of policies is critical to the success of the American Civil War, and there is enough flexibility and limitations for players to experiment with. Armed with this knowledge, it is up to the player to run his cabinet and implement the right policies to lead him to victory.

Grand Tactician: Civil War (1861-65) is available on PC.

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