Great-grandmother electronically tagged after being caught with drugs in her bra


Lily Gordon, 65, from Salford, Greater Manchester, hid packs of drugs in her bra and a flowerpot in the garden during a police raid

Lily Gordon in court with her son

A great-grandmother hid drugs in her bra during a police raid, a court has heard.

Lily Gordon lifted her top and removed several packages containing illegal substances when officers asked her if she was hiding something, a court heard today.

The 65-year-old claimed: “I know you won’t believe me but I found them.”

Officers descended on Gordon’s home in Salford in 2018 and caught the defendant trying to bury a bundle in a flowerpot in her garden, Manchester Evening News reports.

They asked her what she was hiding and she replied, “Something I found there.

Officers then found three bars of cannabis resin wrapped in silver, the court heard.

Gordon hid the drugs during a police raid on her home


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Three years after the seizure due to various delays in the case, Gordon pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cannabis and possession of diamorphine.

Prosecutor Eleanor Gleeson said there were “inordinate” delays in the case before it went to court.

“The offenses were committed in December 2018, the drugs were sent for analysis and did not return until April 2019 to confirm that they were diamorphine and cannabis,” she said.

“There was a further delay to October 2019, which was pursued by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and found that simply GMP had not sent what was requested of them to properly authorize the prosecution.”

Gordon had tried to pretend she had found the drug


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She said the delay continued because the police failed to provide the correct evidence and due to inactivity the case was shelved.

GMP then sent the relevant evidence in September 2020 and more than a year later, in October 2021, the case was reopened.

It later emerged that part of the delay was due to the officer involved being on maternity leave.

Ms Gleeson said on December 11, 2018, officers went to a house on Wall Street and found Gordon in the back of the house trying to bury “something silver” in the ground in a pot of flowers.

Manchester Crown Court


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“The officer asked ‘What are you hiding from Lily’ to which she replied ‘Something over there’ and pointed to the bins in the garden,” she said.

The officer searched the jar and found three bars of cannabis resin wrapped in silver.

The house was then searched and no drugs were found.

Another officer searched Gordon and asked her if she had anything on her and she replied “no”.

“When the officer started the search, she asked if the defendant had anything inside her bra,” Ms Gleeson told the court.

“She then lifted her bra and pulled out a larger brown bag and four smaller bags of a brown substance.

“She then said, ‘I know you won’t believe me, but I found them.

They also seized an iPhone, a Nokia and a bank card in his name from his coat pocket.

The drugs were analyzed and found to be 46.5 grams of cannabis and 7.865 grams of diamorphine.

The cannabis was valued at £232.50, the court heard.

Gordon reportedly had two previous convictions for five offences, all for possession of cannabis.

Mitigating, Jane Miller said she had made continuous efforts to contact police to find out what was going on in the case over the three years.

“During this period, she expected the procedure to come her way,” she said.

“Furthermore, during this time, her daughter passed away.

“She is ashamed to appear here today in connection with the proceedings.”

She said her client had two sons, seven grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

Her daughter died in 2019.

Sentencing her, recorder Graham Wells said: ‘You tried to hide it and you weren’t initially honest about it from the start, but you indicated you were going to plead guilty.

“It took far, far too long to get to court.

“In the meantime, I read in your pre-sentence report that you quit smoking cannabis and tried to work things out.”

Gordon, of Liverpool Street, was given a 12-month community order, a three-month curfew between 7pm and 7am – she was also fined £100.

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