Has our government declared war on us


Imagine if the US government targeted a foreign nation-state by devaluing its currency, pushing waves of migrants across its borders, undermining its election security, denigrating the unifying elements of its citizens’ shared history, fanning the flames of any racial or ethnic discord, and spreading false news in order to fan the passions of his people. Wouldn’t we call this an effective, albeit immoral, hybrid warfare strategy to take down an enemy without ever having to shoot? Does this assessment change if Hybrid Warfare is waged, not against a foreign nation, but rather against individual U.S. states and their citizens?

A country without borders:

For more than forty years, Americans have been begging the federal government to put an end to illegal immigration. Instead, Congress has done nothing but push various forms of amnesty for those whose first act upon entering this country is to violate its immigration laws. Rather than listen to voters and secure our porous borders, lawmakers have chosen to ridicule Americans as xenophobic for daring to believe that it is not healthy for the United States to have tens of millions of nationals foreigners creating a parallel nation within our own.

Sex trafficking, narcoterrorism, identity theft, depletion of public resources, and cultural clashes have all accompanied federal government policy that can best be described as intentionally unenforcing the law on existing immigration, or at worst, as deliberately nullifying enforceable law. helping and encouraging commuters with promises of welfare on arrival and state-funded relocation services across the continent. More and more Democratic-controlled jurisdictions are going so far as to require that illegal aliens have the right to vote in elections, thus tying up the votes of American citizens with those of citizens of foreign nations.

If twenty-five million Americans (a reasonable estimate of the number of illegal aliens in the United States today) passed through Canada, they would instantly become Canada’s largest electoral bloc. It is doubtful, however, that Canadians or global observers will find it fair or just that these Americans take power in Parliament. Yet the US government sees no such problem as replacing its own voters with those from other countries.

Elections without confidence:

We have hundred million dollar lotteries in America that sell tickets at every hole-in-the-wall gas station from the middle of the Nevada desert to the remote wilderness of Maine, and when the winning jackpot numbers come in, holders of winning tickets are identified almost immediately. Yet a national political election is coming, and it takes days, if not weeks, for the nation to discover the winner. Only Third World banana republics and the United States of America hold elections with so few identification requirements for voters and so few security protocols for safeguarding ballots.

The logical result is that only 20% of Americans are “very confident” that the election results are legitimate. A reasonable person might expect national politicians to understand the widely held belief that voter fraud is prevalent as a debilitating vulnerability to both US national security and domestic political stability. Government officials, however, are more offended by Americans questioning election results than by the elimination of secret ballots, the turning of voting day into election season, the imposition of mass mail-in voting by court order, the construction of ballot box parking lots for the stuffing of anonymous and insecure ballot boxes, late-night ballot dumps, private contractors hired by tech companies to manipulate elections, or trucks loaded with votes that simply disappear.

Democrats see all of these election abominations, ignore their myriad openings to voter fraud, and insist on redefining them as “voting rights.” Normal people look at them in horror and shout, “We have corrupt elections in America! The Commission of January 6 hears these people; learns nothing; and shouts: “National terrorists!

A nation without history:

Nations of people without any sense of history or shared purpose do not long remain nations. Pulling down statues destroys the collective memory of the past. Reimagining America’s founding as an evil paradise for slave owners, instead of the triumph of human freedom that it was, belittles all the struggles Americans endured together for freedom. Fixing on the color of the skin serves no other purpose than to salt the earth with hatred and division. Choosing to defame local law enforcement as ‘white supremacists’ while celebrating arson and citywide mayhem in the name of ‘racial justice’ only ensures that ‘justice for all’ goes away for good. Why has the Education Secretary pledged to smuggle critical race theory onto public school students while accusing the parents involved of being “domestic terrorists”? Why do the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation portray “white supremacy” as the deadliest domestic terrorist threat half a century after Jim Crow? Why does the White House regularly demonize its Republican opponents as malicious racists no different from George Wallace or Bull Connor (both Democrats)?

Denigrating local police as institutionalized racism has had the predictable effect of increasing crime across the country. Falsely accusing white Americans of being irreconcilably racist has had the predictable effect of dividing the country along racial lines. Rewriting American history so that the country’s consistent pursuit of human freedom is intentionally erased from the archives has had the predictable effect of convincing too many Americans that nothing in their nation’s past is worth knowing. preserved. Why would a rational government seek to divide Americans by race unless its mission is to destroy national unity for good?

An economy without a middle class:

The central bank’s relentless money printing, exploding federal government debt, and intentional abandonment of American blue-collar manufacturing jobs in exchange for “free trade” promises of cheaper imports and more big profits on Wall Street have done more harm to ordinary Americans than any foreign threat.

Thousands of impoverished and devastated cities across the country bear painful witness to these policies. While the richest 1% of Americans have never been richer, the middle class has sunk into poverty. What kind of government intentionally depreciates the value of the dollars paid for the workman’s labor, cripples his children’s future with unusable debt, and then sends his labor overseas so that the things he can no longer afford allow it to be built by people he no longer knows? What type of government sacrifices the abundant natural resources of its own lands to depend on the oil, steel, minerals and rare earth metals of foreign adversaries and enemies? What kind of government sacrifices a workforce distributed across the continent, so that a small number of tech and finance workers in a handful of coastal cities can thrive at the expense of everyone else? It is as if the American government were to make a large swath of the American people as dependent on the welfare of the government as the government is dependent on essential resources from foreign dictators. How could this be a formula for American safety, security and survival?

If we were honest with ourselves, we would surely wonder if the United States government has quietly declared war on the people of the United States. Or is this question no longer allowed in this new era of government-sanctioned censorship?


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