Have we reached peak television? Moreover, our debt to the bees


This week, guest host Topher Forhecz is joined by Los Angeles bureau chief Chris Grimes to learn more about the future of streaming wars on TV. Since the pandemic, streaming services have poured huge amounts of money into new content, but it’s unclear how long this boom will last. Next, we talk bees with Nature Therapy columnist Jonathan Guthrie. He estimates that we owe bees nearly $160 billion for their pollination services. What’s at stake if we can’t repay this debt?

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Links and mentions of the episode:

– Chris Grimes’ article on the heyday of TV streaming: https://www.ft.com/content/0e95cf55-dda1-4f63-bb6b-bf475f974f30

– Nature Therapy column by Jonathan Guthrie, “Our £135 billion debt to the humble bee”: https://www.ft.com/content/286dff35-9634-4fd7-9497-3d2de3a555a4

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