His best weapon could very well be his sense of “Spidey”.



Another day, another angle to shoot Tua Tagovailoa down. You can really set your watch to make this happen every day. This is an angle that is not new. This has been mentioned before but I just saw a video that goes around and I’m frankly annoyed that it exists.

In it you have Julian Edelman, who tries out television, the amazing athlete that is Phil Simms, and the completely rational, never fly away without a good reason Brandon Marshall, all laughing at Tua for not having a elite skill or trait that will help him become a franchise quarterback. It’s weird, but not surprising. What I can’t fathom is, in 2021, with the emphasis on numbers, statistics and a propensity to go beyond the obvious, why Tua’s Spidey sense, his ability to respond instantly when something goes wrong, that is, every time he passes, why can’t this be his greatest weapon that one can farm and build on?

Klump has previously laid out the reasons for claiming that Tua’s sustainability issues, brought up by Edleman, are reasons he won’t be a franchise quarterback. That I can buy. Not being able to play because you injure yourself too much is definitely a reason to tie up Tua. Until he stops having to miss games for any illness, that’s something that’s a valid reason to bring up.

That’s right, Tua is not a weird athlete. He is not crazy and does not have a rocket arm. It does not have wheels that will allow it to bypass defenders. All of them are traits that can be seen with the naked eye. But what he has is that sense of Spidey that I mentioned. Laugh about it if you will, and I assure you it’s not a plug for Spider Man No Way Home, which hits theaters on December 17th, but having the “sense” of when to leave the designed room and getting the ball, I can add accurately, to an open receiver is absolutely a weapon, skill, or trait that separates it from most.

Is it something that you write into every game and know it’s going to work? Of course not. Just like you can’t rely on the legs of Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray to bail them out all the time or the arm strength of Josh Allen and Aaron Rodger to win every game. These are all skills that are great to have, but they are not overlooked in securing victory every week.

Are you saying that avoiding bags is not important? Well, the Dolphins have won four in a row, including two and a half because of Tua’s quick release and loophole. Here’s a fun graphic showing how crazy he is that Tua is able to do what he does with the revolving door that is the Miami Dolphin’s attack line protecting him.

Yes, there have only been 6 games this year, but Tua has only been sacked eight times with that offensive line and he ranks 10th overall in QBR, a stat that I respect. That’s pretty darn good and it’s a skill you can build on. It’s a skill people like Ryan Tannehill, Justin Fields, and Joe Burrow don’t have. They are not very good at maneuvering around the pocket which is different from running. Dan Marino was arguably the slowest human on Earth when he played, but his ability to navigate dirty pockets was pretty much unchallenged. I’m not saying Tua is at that level, but he’s really good at avoiding negative play while passing the ball to receivers.

Hopefully the Dolphin’s offensive line improves. They probably won’t improve much, so Tua will have to show off that elite Spidey Sense (just saying, get your tickets now). Maybe next year, while waiting for Tua to still be around, the front office will invest some of their predicted cap space in the league (cap space is a myth by the way) on a better player in the league. offensive line so that Tua can focus on accuracy being his primary weapon of choice.

Tua could certainly end up showing that he really isn’t the guy. But this idea that he doesn’t bring anything of value to the game or that he doesn’t have superpowers like Brandon Marshall said (talk about a guy trying to get people to go see a Marvel movie , okay?) is just plain stupid. The sense, feel, sense of danger of Tua Tagovailoa’s Spidey or whatever adjective you want to use to describe it is out of the ordinary and should be appreciated a bit more, IMHO. Treat yourself to a Thursday.

I’m telling you, I don’t work for Marvel. It’s a ridiculous thing to assume



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