Homelander’s dark nickname makes him the crooked wolverine of the boys


Homelander’s twisted nickname in The Boys made him the equivalent of Wolverine when he was experimented on during the Weapon X program.

Warning! Spoilers for The Boys comic and TV series below

of the homeland dark nickname and origin did The boys twisted version of Wolverine, as the Supe had a very similar purpose in receiving his powers as an X-Men hero when experimented on during the Weapon X program. The boys comic book series, The Legend refers to Homelander as the living weapon, showing that he was made to kill and bid upon his creators, just like Logan was.

In the comics, Wolverine was born a mutant with incredible powers, including retractable bone claws, an impressive healing factor, super strength, and other enhanced senses. However, after being captured by the Weapon X program, Wolverine was experimented on to become a living weapon to carry out the government organization’s missions. As a result, Wolverine’s bones were coated in adamantium, changing the hero forever. Much like Logan’s origin, The Boys’ Homelander was designed to be a living weapon, as he was given the nickname of the man responsible for crafting his PR stories.


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In The boys #20 by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Simon Bowland, and Tony Avina, Stan Lee’s universe version of The Legend reveals Homelander’s secrets to Hughie, including the invented origin of the Supes and the true nature of his existence . In their conversation, The Legend refers to Homelander with the nickname, Living Weapon, adding that he was created to be Vought-American’s weapon, including taking down other heroes who fell out of line. Much like Wolverine, Homelander was experimented on to become a weapon from their respective creators, Weapon X and Vought.

The Homelander Boys Kill Supes - The Boys

Homelander and Wolverine took two different paths after becoming a “living weapon”, as The Legend dubs the Supe. Logan would overcome his Weapon X programming and become a force for good, joining the X-Men and becoming one of its most important heroes. Homelander, meanwhile, agreed to be a weapon for Vought-American and became one of the deadliest beings in The Boys universe, killing his fellow Supes and anyone who dared to defy his orders or those of Wanted. He was exactly what Weapon X wanted.

Funny enough, Homelander actor Antony Starr, who plays the psychotic Supe on The boys, has been among the best of many fan casts for the new Wolverine in the MCU. Yet whether the actor eventually plays both characters, the dark nickname given to Homelander has always linked him to Wolverinebecause the Marvel hero’s time with Weapon X as a living weapon is no different than The boys hero’s time with Vought-American. But, in the end, living weapons ended up going in different directions than how they were created.

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